Ryan’s Ahearne Hauler Cargo Bike

Ryan is a full-time roaster at Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco. He’s a cyclist who commutes into work every day, rain or shine. A few years back he contacted Joseph Ahearne to build him a commuter cargo bike that he’d use everyday hauling his essentials to and from his work. He had a few ideas about what he wanted, but let Joseph take creative lead on the project.

The result is one of the most impressive cargo bikes I’ve been able to document for the Radavist. The bright teal paint job is accentuated by the large tires, shiny (yet dented) fenders, burnt orange portage by Black Star Bags and countless swoops and bends of the rack tubing.

With a wide range in the drivetrain, Ryan could very well take it touring, but it’s been at home in the streets of San Francisco, dipping between cars and dodging pedestrians. This bike has been abused in a loving way, yet maintained mechanically and as a framebuilder, I’m sure Ahearne is stoked to see one of his creations being put to use.

Seriously, this bike blew me away!

  • JScriv

    Beautiful – but that kickstand tho!

  • Direct mount basket with a water bottle mount and a frame bag with hidden screws?!? So good.

  • Patrick Murphy

    Color combo is blowing my mind. I love when people build custom frames up with older parts they’ve got instead of full groupsets. So much character.

    • Kinkicycle.com

      Well said, totally agree!

  • Jocelyn Gaudi

    Another stunning bike by Joseph! Also love seeing those PDW Whiskey grips so well worn.

  • Adam Bowen

    any idea of the weight capacity of that front rack?

  • Garrett Kautz

    Cycle Trucks are such versatile machines. I’ve ridden mine everyday for three+ years and love it. A bit heavy, but they can carry tons of weight without being too long and awkward for storage. It’s exciting to see more of them around, custom or production. Worksman, Soma, Civia are just a few production brands that I know of, but Ahearne and Frances Cycles have made some great ones. Remember the delivery bike the Ezra from Fast Boy made? Gorgeous.

  • peter

    Should’ve stopped by ape do good. I’m bummed I missed the SVT tour. But that bike is so awesome!

  • David Heim

    Can somebody tell me some details about that saddle? I really like it!

  • HoppyPaynts

    Just missing a wheelie pic!

  • Jordan Mackinnon

    Best use of a double top tube ever. And that front rack is serious art.

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