Riding with Ringtail

One of my favorite trails in Los Angeles recently became the backdrop to a photoshoot for a brand that I’m very excited about. Ringtail is a new company, started by Sean Talkington from Team Dream and Kyle Kelley from Golden Saddle Cyclery. Their intent is to make great fitting, practical cycling apparel and accessories in the USA. As of now, everything is made in the Los Angeles area, which is an added plus for the dudes, seeing as though they like being a part in the production process.

Anyway, the three of us wanted to catch the right light at Betty B, a trail nestled off Mulholland Drive. We also didn’t have much time, so we drove Sean’s VW van to eat off the normal hour pedal time out there and back.

Riding with Ringtail

This was the first time any of us had driven to ride these trails, so it was a little weird, but it did make for some great photo opportunities.

Riding with Ringtail

The trail, regardless to how much rain LA got the day before was super dusty and dry. Even with the dryness, the temperature fluctuations in this system make for a perfect backdrop to shoot Ringtail’s jacket or their ventilated vest.

Both the jacket and the vest are made from an imported Italian fabric that packs down in its own pocket and can be stashed anywhere using the elastic pull chord. These garments come with a lot of clever detailing, which you can see in some of these photos, yet they’re best appreciated in person.

Riding with Ringtail

We did an out and back, clocking in a little over two hours. Just long enough to get the blood pumping, but not so long that we were all shelled. As we loaded the bikes up and headed home, we took the long way back and soaked up the fleeting sun. Or as Sean would say #TeamDreamSunsetChasingTeam….

Keep an eye on the Radavist for more updates on Ringtail as events warrant and follow along at their Tumblr and Instagram for digital distractions.

26 responses to “Riding with Ringtail”

  1. Alex Bourassa-Young says:

    Love the first pic, great work on all

  2. TEx says:

    What did you shoot this with?

  3. hans says:

    amazing light in all of these man. definitely need to get out to Betty B more!

  4. that made me feel all nice and warm inside. thanks John

  5. Brandon Stahnke says:

    His PowerLock Link is backwards… hehe

  6. Kerry Nordstrom says:

    #24 is rad as hell!

  7. Matt O'Donnell says:

    Is the jacket windproof?

  8. Chris says:

    “Practical cycling apparel”… Ha. That’s a bit like “functional Halloween costume”, isn’t it?

  9. Harry says:

    Kyle looks like the best dude to ride with. Always gettin’ rad

  10. frank31 says:

    Are those All City dropouts? any more details on the frame construction? steel, tube dimensions?

  11. D.J. Bolles says:

    So many great shots in here. Keep up the awesome work John.

  12. fooman says:

    I appreciate that this cover is cool and maybe a step in the right direction, but how in the heck is Instagram better than being a weight weenie?

  13. Great photo shoot! Pretty excited about what these guys are doing.

  14. Ace Metric Cycles says:

    Great shots as usual, that trail looks fun! I still wanna know whats up with the City Cycle bibs… or did I miss that?

    • crankles says:

      I too want more info on the bibs. I wore out my city cycle haring t-shirt long ago. would love to sport another!

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  17. sasquatch_steve says:

    Where did you get that in-n-out water bottle?!

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  19. Ace shoot – really great work!