Paul’s Rock Lobster Singlespeed ‘Cross

You can never have too many tools for the same job. In Paul Price’s case, a cyclocross bike. Over the years he’s collected quite the stable, from various frame builders throughout California. We already looked at his Black Cat monster cross and now we get to check out some details of his Rock Lobster SSCX. As with the Black Cat, you can see just how sated this steed is based on the component and frame wear alone.

With technology changing, PAUL making disc brakes and everything going oversized or tapered, there’s something elegant about a rim brake ‘cross bike with a steel fork. Especially from a man like Paul Sadoff.

Shred on man, shred on…

  • colavitos_ghost

    *center-pull cross bike ;)

  • kreygasm

    180’s with road ring, sweet

  • Carter K. Quinn

    Those bars are so sick! I just put those Pro Max on my track bike!

  • firmanfirdaus

    Is that a fracture, on the cross-top lever?

    • Jason Lee

      You’re probably seeing a shadow. It’s the profile of the “PAUL” machining.

  • Dante

    It’s great – but what I object to is the lack of tire regulations on the bikes you shoot

    • Tony Clifton

      Hahaha. Those Panaracer Cinders are 35s! Somebody call the UCI to report this immediately!

  • hans

    hell yes

  • Miguel A Correa

    So much bike porn on this site, love it!

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