Open Cycles Know’s What’s U.P. with their Cyclocross GravelPlus Machine May 13, 2015



The do-it-all cross or all road bike has taken hold of the industry. Everyone wants a rig that is capable of racing ‘cross and maybe hitting a bit of 1-track or take a few bags for a sub 24 hour camping trip.

Open Cycle addresses a lot of those demands with their U.P. (unbeaten path) frameset. A ‘cross bike that can fit 700 x 42mm or 27.5 x 2.1″ wheel. If you play your cards right and select the appropriate tire sizes, you’ll experience the same geometry on the same frame, but the opportunities will widen along with your tires.

The U.P. features a top-tube bottle cage mount for a small bag, thru-axles, internal routing, road or mountain crank compatibility and some very elegant lines. You can see the geometry and read some FAQ’s at Open Cycle’s site. See some more photos, shot by Open Cycle’s photographer Marc Gasch below.














  • Oscar Partridge

    These frames really do look interesting. The forks look dead aero

  • Justin Scoltock

    Even though its not a brand new idea, this bike is rad and looks hella mean with 2.1’s.

    • Andy Moore

      Super HOT.

  • Rob Maybach

    what bars are those?

    • 3T Aeronova

      • Richard Smith

        3T Abortion*

  • Mark Hussian

    huuuuuuuhuhuhuuh i cant feel my legs

  • Yep I want that.

  • jborg28

    Very nice, but why is everyone against rack mounts these days? Hide them.

    • Racks for off-road touring suck. Strap some bike packing bags to your frame and save yourself the rattle hassle.

  • adanpinto

    Very nice bike design, it’s not new but I love companies bringing it to the big public. Just a comment, all this tech display to end up with a Brooks saddle on it it’s a bit weird to me.

  • btdubs

    Loving this! Open has such a good design ethos for their bicycles.

  • Andrew Deane

    Meh. Aside from the tire clearance there isn’t much here that is truly remarkable.

  • kermitonwheels

    Yeah, they’re clever designers. I’ve been looking forward to seeing what they did with this after the MTB debut a couple of years ago. The either-way wheel option might just set a standard.

  • Salim Riley

    omg <3

  • Jonathan Gresley

    Love the idea. What is the thru axle diameter in the front? I don’t see it listed on their site.

    • Yes

      • Jonathan Gresley

        I meant specifically that I see many road (front) thru axels at 12mm, where as all mountain wheel sets are pretty standard at 15mm. As far as I know there are no conversion axels. And end cap conversion depends on the wheelset. So, did OPEN go 15mm or 12mm?

        I have some XC 29 wheels that I think would work great on this frame. But, I’d hate to have to rebuild the front wheel with a new hub…

  • Samer Eid

    I am considering this bike. Do you think I’d see a clear difference when I’ll swap a 700cc/40mm tire with a 650B/2.1′ for a bit of single track? That would save me buying an extra 650B wheel set. Someone told me that I won’t feel the difference. Never did MTB and I am looking forward to using on gravel roads.

    • Steve Graepel

      I’m testing this bike now. External radius should be the same when switching 700c to 650b–little-to-no geo change. It’s a stellar ride on gravel roads.

      • Samer Eid

        Thanks Steve. What wheels and tires are you using?

        • Steve Graepel

          650b ENVE M50 rims, DT Swiss ceramic hubs, running Schwalbe 2.1″ tires. The review will post on in a week or two.

          • Samer Eid

            Great – Looking forward to reading it!

    • fizzle

      old thread but if you are still curious: going from 40c to even 1.9 is a huge improvement in traction and plushness. the sequoia seems to have followed the Open path and you can do a similar 700/650 thing, and I guarantee that for most of us novice/intermediate riders the actual MTB tires will make a world of difference when riding proper MTB trails. My AWOL with 29×1.93 feels 1 million times better than my Crux with 40c…