Not So Recent Roll: Summer of Road Trippin’

Vacation. Holiday. 3-day weekends. From Memorial Day until Labor Day, the road is wide open and the sun is putting in overtime. Taking advantage of those days is key to sucking the last drop from life and its possibilities.

Last summer, I bought a 4 banger Tacoma pickup in Portland and it kickstarted a whole series of road trips. Most of which centered around cycling-related themes or events but it was the interstitial spaces and moments that I remember vividly. Sunsets, sunrises, rain, fog, wind. All of these had a specific scent and sensation. Most of which were captured visually throughout those long summer months.

I carried my Mamiya 7ii with me on every trip, loaded with Portra 400 220 film. It wasn’t until recently that I finally sat and dug through it all, compiling a Gallery of these moments and vignettes. They’re mostly in the correct order, beginning in Portland and traveling down south.

A lot of these spots are well-known, others not so much but they all serve one purpose: to inspire you to travel to the West Coast and see what you’re missing. Pardon the succinct nature of this intro, but there’s not much to say. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

  • GeraldBowles

    Living the dream!

  • Kyle Kelley

    So FUCKING good!

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    Rad pictures!

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    You’ve got an eye.

  • craig_nc

    Just the bestest.

  • That’s a solid collection. Nice work. You really do have a great eye. And, in fact, you just inspired me to get a new SLR, break out my old Leica and go shoot some photos in the desert. Thanks John!

  • Crushed it! So so good.

  • Sean Talkington

    Love it!

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    So good! Got me psyched for summer!

  • -Steven

    Just when I finally thought I got that damn #secrets road out of my head…

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    good shit man

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    check this out Just Check this out

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    Great photos.