Montano Velo Video May 6, 2015

I still haven’t been to this shop and this video is more than enough motivation to swing by the next time I’m in town. Montano Velo is doing it right!

  • Nykolas Crovetto

    I firmly believe wouldn’t be as into cycling if I hadn’t wandered through their doors almost 10 years ago. Nicest guys.

  • crankles

    Jason Montano is quite simply a good person and Montano Velo has that as it’s heart.

  • Justin Lindsey

    I work at an awesome shop in SF, but I will still go out of my way to go see these guys. Also, they have hands in making some raaaaad bikes:

    • Matt O’Donnell

      Yeah. Jason is the dude. He’s the owner and designer of Broakland bikes. I’m awaiting delivery of a new Track Fighter from them! Stoke is high.

      • Justin Lindsey

        I’ve wanted one for sooo long but haven’t been able to set the money aside because of school. All of those rad machines they have been making! you going to smash some left turns at Hellyer with that thing?

        • Matt O’Donnell

          Yeah buddy! That’s the plan. Along with just mashing around the city on it.

  • GeraldBowles

    Friendliest guys. Can’t recommend this shop highly enough.

  • Brendan

    I purchased a newly restored frame that needed the head tube faced, the BB chased and faced, and the seat tube cleaned, and Jason at Montano Velo got it done quickly and at a fair price. I also bought my helmet and some tubular supplies there. They know what they’re doing and have the upscale parts that I sometimes can’t find elsewhere. I wouldn’t trust my frame to anyone else for machining or serious work around the East Bay.

  • Mrk Dvs

    Aww, thanks for the love guys! We’re stoked to have the best customers around helping us keep the dream alive <3

  • Milin Balsara

    When I first moved to Northern California, I was starting this crazy intense science graduate program, and I had just flown off the side of a cliff racing my mountain bike down in Temecula. I had a van with all my shit, no place to live yet, and was already head first into the program. We scoped out a place in Oakland, parked, walked to one of the little local coffee shops on the street and walked right past Montano Velo. I had heard of them, and the whole front window was full of lovingly restored classic bikes, vintage jerseys, and somewhere I remember a collection of Silca Frame Pumps of every color imaginable inside… So now, it’s been like 5 years, and Jason has been my local bike shop owner/mechanic since that day. Last month I took delivery on a Broakland and have been REALLY enjoying it. Thanks for being awesome, y’all!