Merckx Mondays: Scotty’s Eddy Merckx SLX Pista

This is not for the vintage elite, the collectors, the Eroicas, the spoke sniffers, or the internet aesthetes. Do not bother commenting on the lack of period correct toe clips, or the lack of bar tape, or how you don’t like white tires. The bar angle will rub you the wrong way and Scotty will ride on, not giving two shits.

Scotty’s a working messenger in Los Angeles. Scotty’s older than dirt. He walks with a stride, or a cadence that is only found in individuals who live, breathe and sleep track bikes. You won’t see Scotty on a road bike and in fact, you won’t see him on any other bike than this street-thrashed Eddy Merckx SLX pista. The components tell a story, moreso than any museum-grade bicycle will, regardless of heritage.

Like beausage? This bike is for you. Just remember, before you type a critique, Scotty don’t care. Happy Merckx Mondays. Thanks to Tracko for the heads up on this bike!

  • that thing is sick! i love the tire clearance in the front, and the rear brake arch is lovely as hell!

  • Landlords sticker FTW. Really enjoying the rider/bike portraits you’ve been including at the end of bike features lately.

    • alex

      Second the rider/bike portrait praise. Definitely ties the galleries together!

  • naisemaj

    I like the portrait a lot at the end, good shootin

  • BuffyZA

    Some great shots and an awesome bike!

  • aradilon

    Those 28mm tires just barely fit! I hope the wheels are stiff enough so the tires don’t rub on the frame!

  • James Norman Woodley

    beausage… is that like chorizo?

    • Yeah. But it’s more beautiful and useful.

      • James Norman Woodley

        I bet that I could fit at least 27mm sausage in that frame

        • Like a kielbasa! Or a slim jim.

          • James Norman Woodley

            do you even landjäger bro?

  • Jason Carroll

    What is that black wrap on the top tube?

  • floody

    Rad bike, looks like it’s well loved.

  • Jamie McKeon

    good vibes this post, also another shop dog!

  • Kevin Ehman

    this bike is the jazz!

  • Jonathan Raspa

    This Merckx tore by me today downtown!

  • Road Sailor

    wow suck a nice bike

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