Lay Waste May 11, 2015


Photo by Morgan Meredith

LA has been rad for various reasons. One of which has been figuring out how to talk about this #UrbanRacer. So far Morgan has shot the best photo of the bike which I will discuss more in depth at a later date, but tonight we went up to a spot in Los Angeles to recreate it and came out with a completely different shot.

A shot that I’m still really vibin’ with. Lay waste…

  • Alex Hillis

    Saw the bike on display at Mission Workshop, and my girlfriend had to shove me three times to get me to stop drooling and keep walking. So flippin’ sweet.

  • KT

    such a rad bike

  • Tom

    Coaster brake commuter? I’ve been drooling over this since you started teasing it man. AH!

    • two-speed coaster break with the SRAM Automatix hub.