Jason’s Pajaro Commuter ‘Cross Bike

In 2009, Rick from Hunter Cycles introduced an affordable, production-level bicycle brand called Pajaro. Named after the Pajaro River, where Rick’s old shop was located, these bikes used lower-end steel and came in stock sizes. They ran around $700 for a frameset, yet still featured some of what I would consider to be “Hunter-esque” details like wishbone stays, segmented forks and elegant braces – check out the fork crown!

On our last morning of the Speedvagen Fit Tour in SF at Mission Workshop, a customer named Jason rolled up on this Pajaro cyclocross bike, which he had set up as a commuter. I love bikes like this for a few reasons: they’re simple, functional and yet still stylish with choice components where they matter… The twisted Oury grips are a nice touch.

Check out more in the Gallery and if you’re interested in a custom Hunter, holler at Rick!

  • Ornotbike

    I could use some of those grips, nice bike Jason.

  • kermitonwheels

    That’s really nice and tidy.

  • Patrick Murphy

    pterodactyl side up!

  • Noel Smith

    beautiful bike and nice patina on the saddle. i’m not OCD or anything but the grime on the grips is a bit much.. (especially with such nice levers!)

  • Jordan Mackinnon

    That fork is really cool. Very unique design

  • Kerry Nordstrom


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