Happy Mother’s Day May 10, 2015


I wish I could deliver flowers to my mom today like this. Happy Mother’s Day to all the women that raised us and are still raising us.

  • Pradi Shigari

    What bike is that? Looks like there is an internal routed cable for something… looks interesting!

    • Mo Shizzle

      “Oh, look Ma, there’s a light behind that pannier!”

      • Tony Clifton

        “Sorry mom, all I could get for you were these flowers because I spent $4,000 on a commuter bike!”

  • peter

    what kind of bag is that?

    • Kyle Campbell

      Mission Workshop

  • Tom

    What bike is that!?

    • Kyle Campbell


  • Raoul Morley

    Hey Mothering Sunday was in March in the UK so that means you can stop teasing your British readers and set up a UK only page to show off that Vanilla Urban bike right?