Gevenalle Introduces Domestic Brake Pads May 6, 2015


Products like this are so simple, yet offer a simple way to add a bit of made in the USA bling to your current setup. These brake shoes are domestically machined, and anodized in Portland, Oregon, come equipped with Kool-Stop Salmon pads and are in stock now at Gevenalle.

See more information below.


MSRP Per Pair:
Titanium Cross: $50-$60
Stainless Cross: $24-$34
Stainless Road: $24-$34

Weights Per Pair: (complete with shoes, pads and hardware)
CX Pads 39g
CX Pads with Titainium hardware: 30g
Road Pads 32g

Colors – Red, Grey, Gold, Green, Pink, Purple, Blue, Orange
Pads: Kool Stop Salmon

  • Dobry


    I have this impression of Gevenalle/Retroshift as this very stealthy company. First they made a weird version of a brifter and that took off because it was a quality product that filled a niche no one really knew existed. That led to a whole drivetrain.

    So now I’m looking at these simple little brake pads and trying to read the tea leaves to see what’s next.

    My guess is a rocket ship to compete with SpaceX (the GoatX?). You heard it hear first.

    • Not sure about the SpaceX but we are playing with a mixer and a plunger in the fab shop…

  • Ultra_Orange

    I like it, looks like I’ll be putting and order in for some goldies! I love finding out there are more things that I can toss on my bike that keep Americans in jobs.

    • We like to be able to do even a small part for the ‘local’ scene. Kool-Stop have been making these great pads in our backyard for years.

  • Ultra_Orange

    Hey, they list the starting price for a set(from and rear) as $40 not $24 is there a readmits COUP somewheres?

    • Price for standard is $24/pr but we had some issues with web site set up and they can currently (for now) be had for $40 for 2 pairs.

      • Kevlar1

        So no way to just buy 1 pair?

        • @Kevlar1 – Sure! We can even help out you unicycle types. Just drop us an email ad we can get you a single pair.



  • ChrisDefiance

    FYI the brake shoe is not made in the USA. Only the titanium mounting hardware and the Kool Stop pad material are MUSA, the actual aluminum brake shoe is forged overseas and the standard versions’s mounting hardware is too. That doesn’t make them any less badass though, Kool Stop pads are the best!

    • ChrisDefiance,

      Correct – apologies if somewhere along the way we were not clear. The MOST important part of the brake is the pads – and we have found these to be as good or better than any.