DJ’s Dirt Shark Landshark MTB

Vintage mountain bikes can provide just as much excitement as modern mountain bikes on your local trails. Sure, modern tech trumps clapped out forks and squishy brakes, but any trail shaman will show you the way to the wakkiness if you know how to summon your inner Tomac.

Not that DJ is going hucking anytime soon on his Dirt Shark frame, but in the meantime, it’s making a meal of his local one-track. Even if it’s hobo trails lined with syringes and scratch tickets, there’s still a good amount of dirt to be found in between Long Beach and Los Angeles for jibbin’.

Duder picked this bike up for a song and with that Kooka Stem and blue Sid fork, it’s one that I’d tune my ears to hear. With that paint, those components and the vintage fit philosophy, this bike will offer a truly unique experience on the trails. One that even your lightest 1x setup would have a hard time to rival.

You see, it’s not always about smashing KOM’s or blasting berms, sometimes it’s about just making it down in one piece… Keep her pretty DJ, but let her rip!

  • hans

    everything, right down to the stem cap on the seatpost clamp and the cheeseburger!

  • You can tell this guy likes to PARTY!!!

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    And check out his Insta to see him jumping that shark in SLO-MO!

  • mrbiggs

    the dream of the 90s…

    • professorvelo

      back when shit was real… and with some of the nicest looking XTR. man, those dark gray V-brakes…

  • dthio

    what seat post is this?

    fantastic bike!

    • Looks like an Eriksen, Moots, or the like.

      • dthio

        thanks! :-)

  • gabriellelbishop

    @## check this out


  • Kooka! Those were the days.

  • toddnrichardson

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  • Sooo much character.

  • Jordan Mackinnon

    That frame is gorgeous. Wicked set up.

  • adanpinto

    MTBs were much simpler and more elegant those days

    • They are pretty simple and elegant these days too. At least the hardtails are… ;-)

      • adanpinto

        If you go to custom made, yes I fully agree. Also find the 1X transmissions a big improvement in this sense. But still, you have to deal with dropper posts, multiple disc brake-BB-axle standards, tapered headsets, boost hubs, 29, 29+, 27’5, 27’5+….fat bikes, enduro…I have been thinking in a new MTB project but not able to choose. Found interesting the TREK Stache+ platform, allowing for different wheel choices…

        • Wakatel Lu’um

          Agree too many standards these days…

        • Andy Moore

          There is no “have to”, on any of those items. You can easily *choose* not to. ;] I will grant that it is a lot harder to locally source specific 26″ tires, though!

          If you happen to not do so while shopping vintage hardtails, you can easily get well more than your money’s worth while doing it.

          • adanpinto

            Sorry, I am not a native english speaker but i guess you could easily get what I was trying to express.
            You can see how difficult it is to source specific 26″ tires these days:;navigation=1;mid=0;pgc=0;menu=1000,2,103,104

          • Andy Moore

            Sorry for my semantic wrangling – I take issue just about any time I see the “have to” phrase used, because it undermines one’s ability to make a less common/obvious choice.

            As previously stated, I def feel the pain when I want to source a 26″ tire in a local shop! Riding a no longer dominant standard means I have to think/plan ahead, but that’s not such a heavy price to pay, all considered.

          • adanpinto

            Thanks for the clarification, Andy.

            I still think that there are too many dominant standards to evaluate before buying a new bike for trail riding.

            I like that in this site you can find plenty of examples of useful bikes out of the dominant standards.

  • Fillet brazed mountain bikes satisfy my soul.

  • MATT

    It’s a shame mountain bikes don’t look this good anymore!

  • Andy Brown

    Old school Kent Eriksen Sweet Post!

  • Mark Prince

    Nice ride. My all time favorite bars, too.

  • scottmbobbitt
  • mariejthomas

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