Bring the Party on the Road with Blackburn’s Local Cooler Panniers May 14, 2015



The warm months are here and Blackburn’s got a product that will keep your cold beverages cold while making it easy to pedal around. The new Local Cooler Panniers are insulated, feature a bottle opener and are $79… Head to Blackburn for more information and your local dealer to check them out in person.

  • Zachary May

    How do I get the orange ones? The only ones on Blackburns site are gray. I’ve got a great commuter in gray with orange accents that the Orange ones would be killer on.

    • Orange ones should be in your local dealer. I’ve seen them at Mellow Johnny’s (my local shop).

      • Zachary May

        Thanks, John. I’ll have my shop add a pair to my May shopping list (it’s quite large at this point). :o

  • Matt O’Donnell

    Oh man, brilliant. Maybe I’ll forgo packing any gear on my tour and just bring a bunch of cold brews with me :D

  • Tim Guarente

    How many bottle openers does one person need? I have a Leatherman, a Bic lighter, a pair of clipless pedals, brake levers…. I’ve never understood the (sometimes beautiful and clever) extraneous bottle openers that don’t do anything else. I hope the side panel is rigid, at least.