An Afternoon with Paul Component in Chico

For over 25 years Chico, California has been the home base for Paul Component Engineering. During the Speedvagen Fit Tour we swung by to check in on their operations and to get a sense of what the team, the city of Chico and Paul Price himself are all about…

The Paul facilities have grown in piecemeal increments over the years. What started as a solo machinist making seat post quick releases in an old Texaco gas station has grown into a production house that, metaphorically speaking, is operating like a well-oiled machine.

An Afternoon with Paul Component in Chico

In the approximately 2,000 square foot facility, multiple CNC machines churn out individual tasks, from Mini Moto arms, to hub shells and even a prototype machine, milling variations on products that have yet to hit the shelves. When you look at the space, the machines, the raw material and the people who make Paul Component tick, suddenly the 200 product daily-output seems like a reasonable feat.

An Afternoon with Paul Component in Chico

The metal stock comes in, is cut down to approximate scale, hits the CNC deck, then gets tumbled, or finished and eventually makes its way to a box or a plastic pouch before hitting the shelves.

An Afternoon with Paul Component in Chico

What was most impressive to me was how Paul’s personal collection of bicycles represented the available technology at the time. Each of his bikes were made to utilize a new hub, or brake caliper, or even wheel standard. This results in a Dr. Frankenstein-like lair, all suspended from the ceiling of the shop.

For the past few months however, the shop has been cranking away at their production run of 300 Klamper units, slated to hit their web shop around the end of June. This production has an all-hands-on-deck energy, yet Paul has a few more products up his sleeve for 2015.

An Afternoon with Paul Component in Chico

As a small-time parts manufacturer, it’s difficult to keep up with trends, standards and the ever-so-shifting bicycle industry, yet Paul and his team are continuing to kick-ass with new products, all while taking the time to ride bikes in what I would consider one of California’s best kept “secrets”, Chico.

Paul and his dog.

After the shop tour, some bike photos and lunch, we packed up our gear and headed out to the trails, for some “team building”, aka trail beer!

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  1. Tyler Morin says:

    Any word on when the anodized quick release skewers are coming?

  2. michael says:

    so awesome!

  3. Tony Clifton says:

    Paul = CNC OG

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    I want to see more shots of that kelly bone stock!!!

  6. AB says:

    This awesome. Is this the type of articles coming out of your trip? I’d love to see a write up like this on a company in my town (Walnut Creek, CA), They make some beauts and have a great M.O. Pumped for the next article.

  7. Robert0321 says:

    When are we gonna see some shots of that Speedvagen you’ve been riding? :)

  8. Kiyoshi Nichelson says:

    Is Brett running campy shifters, and a barend? Did his right shifter break? For some reason I like it

  9. Derek says:

    Such a dude! I admire the Paul himself and consider him a role model, forsure helping me make the decision to transition from mech to machinist.

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    Great set John
    Had to check out more Paul after seeing his machine room.

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    Can anybody with an eagle eye make out what bars those are on the orange all city?