All-City Cycles: Made in the USA Pursuit Special Chainrings May 12, 2015


It’s great to see a company like All-City bring some production back to the good ol’ US of A. Introducing their Pursuit Special track rings:

“These beauties are cnc’d in the USA and utilize a proprietary tooth profile for smooth and quiet operation. The 49-52’s utilize a solid body design with reliefs in the back for weight savings, while the 46-48’s have full cutouts.

In sticking with the theme of our aluminum track bike, the Thunderdome, we named them after Mad Max’s car, the Pursuit Special.”

Head to your local All-City dealer to order.

  • Matt

    Wish it came in black..

  • These look awfully familiar…

    • I think I have something like this on almost all of my bikes…

  • James Moore

    I assume these are 1/8 chain only? Not too keen on the design, but always happy to see more U.S. Made goods. Wish more manufacturers were making 3/32 single rings for 1x road setups. But I guess I’m in the minority.

    • aren’t there loads of 3/32 (wide narrow) road single rings?

      • James Moore

        Are there? Who makes them? Also who besides specialties ta makes rings larger than 52?

        • ForrestCambron

          Wolftooth is great but yea I think the largest tooth count they offer is 52..

        • Matthew J

          Demand for rings larger than 52 is limited enough it is not realistic to expect multiple sources. TA is pretty much the source for low demand sizes.

          • This is why is specifically asked about 1x road rings, as I’m aware of rings for cross and downhill bikes. Like is said, I guess I’m in the minority.

          • Really? How can 52×11 not be enough? are you doing 45mph+?

            Btw, Sram makes narrow wide 54t chainrings

          • I’m not running running 52×11 I’m running 54×6 on a steel frame, and yes I regularly do sprints in the 40+ mph range. It’s not about gear range it’s about comfortable cruising at high speed. That’s much easier on open road with a larger chainring.

          • 54×6?!

          • 6 tooth cog in the rear?

          • No sorry I thought you were referring the number of cogs in the rear. My smallest cog is 12t. I’m not sure there any road freewheels or cassettes with cogs that small are there? :D

          • hahah, that explains it all.. I don’t think any manufacturer is focussing on 40 year olds groupsets ;)

            btw: 6t$T2eC16F,!)kE9s4Z-UYGBSBR2mhNYw~~60_35.JPG

          • I don’t have a proper group set, and my frame isn’t even 35 years old :/ i run a six speed because where I live it’s pretty flat, and only rarely use more than 3 gears. Besides, if I’m running a single up front, it doesn’t actually matter what I’m running in the rear, or how old it is. FYI, I’m running a Peugeot PY10 super comp. with a dura ace 7400 crankset and TA Alize 54t chainring, a dura ace freewheel and a Huret Jubilee derailleur.

  • no 43t :(

  • Rob Maybach

    Love the name!