203 Bicycles from the Embacher Collection to be Auctioned at Dorotheum May 12, 2015




You know the saying “there’s something for everyone?”

The Embacher Collection is an esoteric ensemble of 203 unique bicycles. From the classic Molteni Merckx to a ’47 Alex Signer, and even one of those weird ice-skating bikes, this cross-section of cycle design is sure to make even the most obsessive collector’s heart skip a cog.

The auction officially opens on May 19th, but you can preview the collection at Dorotheum now.

  • Ultra_Orange

    Hey dude can I borrow a few bucks for the auction?

  • Dang. That’s all I have to say, is just, Daanngg.

  • There are so many crazy bikes in this collection.