Yoann Barelli Performs Miracles on a Cross Apr 27, 2015

Super shredder Yoann Barelli helps us to understand the reality of what it takes to be a pro by taking what amounts to be a beefed up road bike on some heavy duty late 90’s/early 00’s tech trails. Gnar.

  • #justprothings

  • ez

    I’ve done this before. While do-able, it’s much more fun on an MTB. Surviving is replaced with much brap and all are happier for it. :D

  • Alex Cheek

    hey @johnprolly you got his name slightly wrong, Yoann, no “h” https://instagram.com/yoannbarelli/

  • ABW

    “Sheet! Ees wet!” That point of view is crazy. Can anybody out there with experience comment on what it’s like to ride with the camera rig that he’s using?