Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race Apr 3, 2015

Wolfpack Hustle has been a longstanding event in the Los Angeles cycling scene. Here’s a video recap from their most recent event, the Marathon Crash Race:

“On March 15th, 2015 over three thousand cyclists took to the closed off streets of the LA Marathon. Organized by Don “Roadblock” Ward of Wolfpack Hustle, this event has become a staple in the LA urban cycling scene and a time honored tradition. Check out the ride and follow Aventon Factory Team Rider Kym Nonstop as she discusses her past and present goals in cycling.”

  • If you live and ride in LA, it’s your civic doody to show up to this race at least once! 3am coffee doping FTMFW

  • Drew Mabry

    As a non-racer it was great to be able to ride the course this year. Super fun.