Tyler’s Engin Cycles 29+ Rigid MTB

Drew from Engin Cycles is a wizard of custom mountain bike framebuilding. Over the years, he has built some of the most dialed titanium bikes I’ve seen. It doesn’t matter if it’s a rowdy hardtail with 140mm of travel up front, or a snappy, steep XC race machine to tear the field apart, what Engin offers to their customers is custom, performance machinery.

So where does a 29+ rigid mountain frame come into play? It’s not exactly performance, but it does offer up a unique problem solving opportunity. One that Drew couldn’t pass up.

Tyler’s bike utilizes Paragon’s 29+ yoke to ensure chainring and tire clearances. The rigid steel fork is painted with cerakote, as are the frame accents and Tyler chose a mix of X9 cranks, XX1 rear mech and XTR brakes, with a Stan Hugo up front and a Blunt SS on the rear. The Groovy bars really just add the icing on the cake for me.

Fatter tires at a low pressure are perfect for Austin’s Greenbelt trails, which offer a rocky, rooty and sometimes slick environment. Tyler’s been vibing with this bike all spring and is sold!

See more for yourself in the Gallery.

  • Tony Clifton

    That Paragon yoke…

    • Raymond Walker

      …is overpriced and heavy! ;-)

      • Tony Clifton

        Yeah, but they look good, and lookin’ good is good enough! (They’re also a pain the ass to install, if you want to add that to the list too.)

        • Schmeebs

          They are a pain, but honestly, they are functionally very sound. Looking good is not good enough at Engin.

      • Schmeebs

        Wrong, it’s titanium. Have you personally worked with it?

      • Titanium is heavy? Weird!

  • Is that fork on an adapter plate, or is this finally a custom steel tapered fork?

    • Not sure!

    • tylernol

      it is tapered.

      • Nice! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before.

        • Salsa makes the Cro Moto Grande in a tapered/15mm spec, which might be a little more accessible than an Engin

    • Paragon Machine Works has been manufacturing steel tapered steerer tubes for some time and will be releasing titanium ones soon. Contact your local frame builder and I’m sure they’d be more than happy to build you up a custom fork!

  • The X9 / AKA cranks are a great way to get a quality spiderless setup. I hadn’t seen the 5 spoke Wolftooth mounted, it’s pretty hot…

  • Salim Riley

    The son of the man who made those bars is in my modern philosophy class haha!

  • btdubs


  • Noel Smith

    Another amazing build, he has great taste. Really like how the bottle cage is so low on the downtube, haven’t seen that before (looks tight and helps with low center of gravity?)

  • Noel Smith

    ahh.. i see. there’s a third set of bolts in there, didn’t see them on my phone

  • Schmeebs

    Okay, so- journalistically, this post is factually a mess. The photos, as usual, are incredible.

    To set the record straight:
    Drew has made multiple bikes in the 29+ platform, and has also used the paragon custom yoke several times. In fact, the only reason the yoke and tapered steerer are offered to other frame builders is because Mark of Paragon machined them specifically for Drew to use when building the PMW 29+ tandem. YEARS AGO. The Engin 29+ bikes are readily accessible via the interwebs.

    Also, John, aren’t you visiting Paul Price right now and staring at his 29+ Engin?

    I think you need to swing by the shop next time you’re in philly. We’d love to have you and I think you’d be absolutely enamored by what Drew does.

    • Schmeebs

      Oh and happy birthday, John!

    • tylernol

      that’s what I thought, Paul has a 29+ built a bit before mine, I have seen it in the instagrams from Engin and PaulComp. I also need to come to Philly sometime, I have not been back in 15 years(yikes) ?

    • I don’t know what to say. I was told this was “the first” 29+ offered to a paying customer. I can edit the post accordingly, or next time, email me and I’ll fix it. I’m just going off of what was relayed to me.

  • Schmeebs

    Thank you for the edits!

  • ABW

    Anybody have experience with Cerakote? Is it more DIY friendly than powdercoating? Durability? I only know it from the firearms industry, have never seen it on a bike before.

    • Schmeebs

      I would say it is barely more DIY friendly, since you still need an oven, but the weight savings are significant, the finish is barely noticeable to the touch (it’s razor thin), and it is as durable if not more so than powder due to its low profile and heat tolerance.

    • Schmeebs

      There are air-cure ceramic coatings out there too. They are mostly reserved for heat sensitive materials, such as some composite firearms, but can be used for carbon frames and forks, etc.

  • charlestwalker

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