Two Hot Vintage MTB Commuter Setups

Literally seconds after walking into the 2015 Sea Otter Classic, I ran into Nick and Matt from SF. They had driven in that day and rode their lock-up MTB commuters down to the show. In SF, with bike theft at an all-time high, having a beater that is both cheap and functional is key.

Matt’s Trek 890 features porteur bars, a rear rack, a porteur rack and a Strawfoot bag for cargo. Meanwhile Nick’s Mongoose utilizes dirt drops and barcons. Both bikes have a fair amount of beausage and can both be maintained with a local bike shop’s parts bin.

Thanks to Matt and Nick for embracing my request for a wheelie photo!

  • Corey Williams

    Wait… Nick Can wheelie?

    • Nich Barresi

      Nich cannot wheelie…

    • starground

      On the BIG chainring… Show Off ;-)

    • Christopher Jarrett

      Confession: I cannot wheelie. It’s sad. I’ve been trying bikes with shorter and shorter stays trying to get there. Then I see this! All hope for me is lost. :-)

      • Andy Moore

        This guy has a trick for you to picking it up quick. It may be more about the *stem* than the stays. ;]

        • Christopher Jarrett

          Thanks :-) Now it’s back to the lab

  • Frank

    These lovely machines will still be riding around in 10 years time (despite all the fall overs and xtracycle conversions and left outsides and and and). I’d be less confident throwing a leg over something carbon that had seem so much action. Thanks for the pics John.

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    Best bikes all year.

    • James Norman Woodley


  • ForrestCambron

    Fuck yea just like my early 90s diamond back. Nothing can replace builds like these. The practicality is priceless.

  • mookauu

    The ‘goose is loose!

  • Nick Valdes

    Best photoset on the site in a long time! I like the expanded coverage in the last 12 months.

  • For all the nice, zillion dollar bikes that get posted, its always these rugged old character bikes that excite me the most. Good stuff!

  • Tyler Knapp

    But….No Fenders?

    • Powell

      there’s this thing called a drought…

      • Tyler Knapp


  • Yeah Guys!!

  • Tony Clifton

    The Mongoose rides… [And the Dirt Drops on the SR double clamp stem is an awesomely ghetto touch.]

  • Love these bikes!

  • charlesojones

    My 85 Stumpjumper Sport is still in service as my commuter and grocery store runner.
    30 years of use for $525 – and still going strong.

  • Harry

    Long chainstays are next level shit

  • nnnich

    had to google beausage haha

  • Adam Petraitis

    I think Matt’s bike might have a recalled crankset.
    Altus cranks of that vintage were known to snap.

    • Ornotbike

      Oh shit. Thanks Adam! Checked the SN and they are recalled. I’ve had those cranks on there since ’94. They haven’t snapped yet, but I’d rather not wait for them to leave me face first on the ground (esp since this bike often has a passenger on the back).

  • Ultra_Orange

    Next time you are in KC I’ll give you the tour of beaters. Theft isn’t like SF but still its hard toggle up on an old bike that hasn’t given up on you.

  • TonyAB

    Only cooler vintage commuter is this one (sorry, couldn’t resist, Carter’s ride is vintage perfection.)

  • Richard Dreyer

    I remember seeing the Mongoose in person – hanging just fine on Box Dog Bikes’ 10th Anniversary 60 mile 6000′ mixed terrain ride with all the other nice bikes.

  • JièF Martin

    Her is my “Oncle Fester” commuter mtb

    • Ornotbike

      Nice. Almost too nice ;)

  • Justin Eichenlaub

    So wait where can I purchase these for $4,000?

  • nice setup. :)

  • Jesse Stoddard

    The ‘stays on that 890 are staggering. 47cm? 48?

    • Jesse Stoddard

      P.S – Not to be pedantic, but those are more North Road bars than porteurs, right?

      P.P.S. – Biplane crowns are the whip shit, bested only by that of segmented.

  • charlestwalker

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  • Daustralala

    Where are the images?

  • Erik_A
    • Our server accidentally deleted our image bucket and unless I re-upload each manually, they’re gone.