Twin Six: Standard Rando Framesets in Stock Now Apr 7, 2015



Twin Six’s affordable “do anything” frameset, the Standard Rando is now in stock at their site in gloss black or green. These frames tout a comfortable, yet non-sluggish wheelbase, a 45mm offset and come in sizing from 51cm to 59cm. Build them up as a cyclocross bike, or a light tourer / commuter with fenders and take your pick of 2x or 1x cable bosses.

Personally, I’m impressed with Twin Six’s bike lineup and for anyone looking for a $600 frame, the Standard Rando is a contender. Head over to see more information.

  • Dobry

    Excited about this bike. For me it’s either this or Velo Orange’s new dirt touring rig for my next bike.

    • D.J. Bolles

      It would be nice to see both bikes in person. The new VO bike is very appealing but, so is this! Good luck choosing, either one will probably be rad.

      • Dobry

        It’d be really rad(avist) if these companies would send one of each to some blogger who has written a lot about off-road touring and bikepacking, if such a blogger was rad(avist) enough to exist somewhere . . .

        • D.J. Bolles

          Man, I don’t know… where would you find a guy like that? Ha! I’ll admit I’m a bigger fan of VO goods.

  • Jeff Haye

    This company kills it with their kits, now they’re killing it with these bikes.

  • phil88

    looks great, any idea of weight for the frameset?

  • Ultra_Orange

    I dig it, except the colors. Is the sizing on these more like a cross bike? Been getting more excited about commuter bikes since its something you can use pretty much everyday of the week without any major preps.