Today Marks the 1-Year Anniversary of the Radavist Apr 1, 2015


One year ago, I flipped the switch on PiNP, forming the Radavist and in that time, the team over here has exceeded my expectations. While there are numerous people who make this site tick, I really wanted to thank you, the readers for visiting, commenting and yes, even critiquing how things are rolling over here. Without you, none of this would be possible.

While it’s cheesy to project where a blog can or will go, I’m confident that we’ll continue to deliver stories, rides, photos and products to you in a capacity that will leave you stoked to ride.

Here’s to many more years of rad atavism.

  • mark montgomery

    Thank you John for giving me a distraction during law school.

    • Goog Smells

      And distracting me in med school, too…

  • D0rk

    Cheers to continued growth and the continued stream of bikes to drool over. You should totally celebrate by getting some more stickers made, some in white! *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

  • Hurra Hurra Hurra! – So much stoke and inspiration created during this year. Congrats – Never stop stoking!

  • bgav

    Congrats John & many more to come! Enjoy the coverage and wonderful photography.

  • Ian Stone

    I miss all that purple

    • James

      Same here.

  • Matt Long

    Remember… ppl thought it was april fools joke. Love the new site, John!

  • Matt O’Donnell


  • jim cassa

    Keep that banner waving and thank you for daily inspiration to go out and have FUN.

  • C.Silver

    Congrats and happy bday! How about dropping a new kit to celebrate!

  • cristian oyharcabal

    Genial! Keep going radavist!!! Saludos! From chile!

  • Jamie McKeon

    My bookmarks bar still has “Prolly Is Not Probably” as the link title. As always… love your work mate, here’s to another stellar year.

    • Jamie McKeon

      also i still have some NOS viking stickers for sale, $1,000,000.00ea OBO (buyer pays shipping)

      • isn’t the AUS – US conversion crazy now. Like that’s only $25 USD?

        • Jamie McKeon

          yeah we got a conservative govt and what do you know…

        • geoff.tewierik

          We’re not talking Zimbabwe dollars here perchance?

  • ride7895

    Thank you for one of the absolute best bike sites on-line…

  • Liam Griffin

    Still one of the sites I visit almost every day. Keep up the great work, people appreciate it probably more than you know.

  • Kyle Kelley