Thank You, Paul Component! Apr 30, 2015



When you’re on the road, you get brief vignettes into people’s or company’s day to day routine, without fully immersing yourself in their operations. Or at least that’s usually the case. Yesterday, however, my preconceptions were shifted and I came to the realization that you can indeed, peer into a company’s soul in the right environment.

What Paul Component is doing in Chico, California is rad. Hands down. We all knew that but yesterday, I got to hang around their shop for an afternoon, not minutes and then, here’s the best part: I got to ride bikes with a few of their teammates, including Paul Price, the owner.

There’s a story to come, but I just wanted to thank the team at Paul Comp for opening their shop doors to us.

  • Dax Downey

    So awesome, the crew at Paul are awesome!

  • Western Rapid

    They make brilliant parts, and they’re incredibly helpful people. Total respect.

  • mrbiggs

    The Mini-moto is the best thing I’ve put on my bikes in two years. I don’t know if I’ll ever have to go to discs, at least until Paul’s discs are in production… Just ordered a wheelset with Paul’s hubs. Would like to upgrade to the cranks as well, but it’ll have to wait.