Sub 24 Sunset Chasing Apr 8, 2015


Lauren and I have done plenty of camping and she’s done her share of cycling around town, but we’ve never gone on a bicycle camping trip together. Yesterday morning, I was surprised to hear her ask if I wanted to get in some tent time before I headed out on the road again on Friday.

So last night, I packed up some bags, a tent, my trusty Lodge cast iron skillet and food for two meals. We headed out to the closest state park in the area: McKinney Falls. The route there is pretty easy, even loaded down with a bunch of gourmet food, wine, a hatchet and a skillet. I took it slow and coached Lauren through the climbs, we stopped for photos and tried our best to ignore the impatient rush-hour traffic zipping past. The weather looked nice, with bright blue sunny skies. It didn’t rain this go-round, but it was still quite enjoyable…

I didn’t think this mandated a whole gallery, so check out a scrolling story below.


It’s Blue Bonnet season here.


The Geekhouse loaded down with food and accommodations for two.


We dropped off our bags and headed out to the falls.


Chasing the #lightbro


With all the rain we’ve been having, the falls were full.




Heading back to camp as the sun was setting…


… just in time for dinner. Hill Country apple and pork sausage, asparagus and cauliflower with garlic.


What we didn’t finish, got tossed in with the bacon and eggs the next morning.


Up with the sun and back on the road.


We were back in our neighborhood by 10am… Taking trips like this with your partner really help build a sense of accomplishment and trust. Making sure you’re operating within your comfort zone is key, so don’t try to overdo it. Remember, taking your time and shooting photos is a must while bicycle camping.

If you’re interested in this route, I’ve posted one at my Strava.

  • bongofruit

    Great photos. Grant would be proud.

  • Annnnnd I’m moving to Austin. Looks like a fun ride.

  • Kyle Kelley

    Killed it!

  • mywynne

    Sharing this with my lady. Out of the blue yesterday she said she wants to start riding again (no bike, currently), so that we can start doing some touring/adventuring. Perfect timing on this post.

  • Chrue

    thnx for the inspiration! one should do short escapes like this more often…

  • C.Silver

    A 10 mile ride to a gorgeous state park… #LASucksForCycling indeed!

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  • John Gorham

    You packed in that skillet?

    • yeah and a hatchet. I almost always do on camping trips. Two things that make trips more enjoyable.

  • Frank

    Fully gourmet.

  • kermitonwheels

    nice one!

  • PNT

    no matter what kind of bikes you are into now, at a certain stage of life you will find out that this is the best ride!