Speedvagen’s New Rugged Road Model

Over the next few weeks, Speedvagen will be rolling out a few new bike models, the first of which being the Rugged Road. Like a cross bike, but with some geometry tweaks, the Rugged Road is closer to a road bike than a cross bike, as the name implies. It’s meant for gravel descents with rutted corners and ​long days in the saddle, rather than an hour of being raced in a cyclocross course.

This frame in particular utilizes the Speedvagen new HollaText scheme with a cream base color; a color we’re the brand will be working with for 2016​. It’s built with Di2 and hydraulic discs with room for 40mm tires. As for the geometry tweaks, the most notable is the lower bottom bracket, making it super agile while cornering and keeping the rider’s center of gravity low, despite the larger tires.

To lighted the bike up a bit, customers can opt for a carbon seat tube, which sleeves into the bottom bracket and seat tube cluster. When painted, you can hardly tell, yet it shed substantial weight off the frame. The paint work on the DT Swiss hubs is an accent that Speedvagen has been doing since 2008.

There’s more information on the Rugged Road to come, so stay tuned at Speedvagen.

  • Tyler Shannon

    Between this and the Breadwinner B-Road, I have even more options to lust after and save up for.

  • Tyler Morin

    I thought the Breadwinner b-road was the bike of my dreams but I think this is it. Wowsa!

  • David

    Really great, interesting that in 2015, especially with te DT Swiss options available, that unless I am mistaken that is QR and not TA…

    • Given the versatility of a frameset like this, I’d be thankful of no Thru-Axles. This bike is a prime candidate for swapping wheelsets in and out. It’s not as if the entire CX market has gone fully TA anyway.

      • David

        Don’t be long. Who says you couldn’t have multiple TA wheel sets? I have two built for my custom cross racer.

  • What’s with the brake hoses?

    • They were waiting on a part to finish the brakes, so I did my best to tuck the hoses in.

      • Ah, ok. I thought maybe it was some secret new kind of bottom-routed internal routing or something.

  • docfink

    You can specify a TA fork, if desired. No TA option for the rear in ’15, but who knows about next year and beyond.

  • Josh Caffrey

    Fantastic looking bike. Seat tube area looks similar to the Ritchey Logic. Nice work all around!

  • professorvelo

    mmm… yeah. SV is starting to lack some product differentiation… or rather, minus the very few tweaks, this is the same as every other SV… meaning that I’m not sure it’s enough to widen and lower the stance of their CX offering and call it some kind of adventure bike. no rack or fender mounts, no nifty lighting system, nothing that really would make it a different bike. don’t get me wrong, I think SV is some tight shit, but this feels more like market expansion than a heartfelt offering.

    • Tommaso Gomez

      I think SV is aiming for this bike to be a gravel racer, like the Breadwinner B-road, intended for fast, single-day gravel epics and races. Nobody in their right mind would slap a frame pack on this bike, with such a nice paint job.

    • I can assure you this bike was brought about by customer demands… It’s not an “adventure” bike – didn’t say it was – it’s just a road bike with clearances for bigger tires… Not everything needs rack and fender mounts.

  • brycycle

    I would love to see that with clearance for 28c road tires, fenders, and chainstays that are as short as possible to make that work. Road bike.

  • c.a. metzler

    It’s got the SUPER AGILITY while CORNERING!?! sign me UP!

  • Jon Thornton

    If I didn’t already own this, I would jump at the Speedvagen. Looks gorgeous.

  • Andy Brown

    ooof. I was looking at a SV SSCX, but this might pull rank.

  • R Sachs

    Disc brakes are soooo not needed on this kind of bike.