Specialized’s New Zertz Command Cockpit Apr 1, 2015


Once in a while, a company like Specialized makes a truly innovative product, well before anyone else. I was both in awe and extremely jealous when I saw this contraption. Only compatible with the Zertz road bike, the Command Cockpit keeps the data where it needs to be, in your face. Smoother is faster, remember? But weight is most important. Specialized has won the “gram game” with this ultralight component.

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This is a truly innovative product.

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    • Stanley Greenberg

      April Fool’s right? Can you say distracted cyclist?

  • Ultraclyde

    And so it begins….

  • Kevin

    april is for foolz.

    • C’mon winning the “gram game” with this ultralight component. That’s good!

      • Kevin

        haha! It’s totally good! I even caught myself saying “Are you serious!?” before I realized the date.

  • breed007

    I see your boner stem and raise you…this thing.

  • Important question: Is the Manuel For Speed Selfie Certified (MFSSC)?

  • Katherine Fuller

    Today is a great day to ignore the internet, except for this…

  • naisemaj

    One of my favorites so far, I love that they actually built the thing!

  • Adam Herstein

    The Specialized® Selfie Stick™

  • Kyle Campbell

    I don’t know what is better, this or Tinkoff-Saxo being nationalized by Vladimir Putin…

  • Hollis Duncan

    This is so going on my Softride ..

  • Gerardo Floriano

    Were is “Aeroiseveything” LOL.

  • kermitonwheels

    ok this joins Rapha’s Great Road Climbs of the Netherlands as my favourite 1st April releases this year!

  • Ultra_Orange

    Not it just needs it’s own app that syncs with strava and matched tough points with photos of you face.

  • Francisco De La Torre

    The big question is: what phone is more aero? samsung os iphone??? Was it an April Fools joke?