Something Rad is Coming Apr 24, 2015


I’m bad at keeping secrets, but let’s just say something rad is on the way next week in California.

  • Was this rolling around at Sea Otter? If so, I’m excited to learn more!

    • Nope!

      • Well then, I guess I’m completely in the dark but still excited.

        • You can peek around on Instagram and find some more hints.

  • Andrew Phillip White

    Something Something Something Speedvagen

    • Your avatar is amazing, BTW

      • Andrew Phillip White

        Gotta look sexy in the Texas Wildflowers.

  • Daniel M

    that looks kind of vanilla? speedvagen fit tour connection?

  • NE

    gotta be that Speedvagen Urban Racer bike that has been popping up on their IG

    • Raoul Morley

      If this is a Speedvagen Urban Bike would somebody like a Kidney?

  • Ultra_Orange

    The flip side view is pretty cool, so this isn’t going to keep your pants clean is it?

  • Adrian Alday

    speedvagen townie!

  • Felix
  • Guest