Some 2015 Sea Otter Classic Randoms

As a first time attendee at Sea Otter Classic, I had no idea what to expect. Everyone I spoke to assured me that it would be hell on Earth, with wind, sun, locusts and boils (read: hangovers). Rather than some apocalyptic wasteland, I found it to be quite accessible, friendly and casual. Especially when compared to the chaos of Interbike, Eurobike and even NAHBS. All of which I rarely have time to talk to people while there…

No one enjoys trade shows. Not the people in the booths, not the people photographing the booths, yet most of the people I chatted with were surprisingly relaxed and dare I say, stoked to be there. Most of the major brands had already launched their big products and a lot of the smaller brands were more interested in building relationships with media outlets by sharing a beer or loaning sunblock, rather than getting some shitty booth photo taken.

Sea Otter landed itself right after Eroica and a little bikepacking trip I took with Blackburn, so maybe that’s why it was so relaxing for me. I had no obligations, aspirations, hopes or dreams and yet, I got to talk to people and shoot photos when I saw the opportunity arise. Obviously, a lot of those bikes will have their own galleries (many already have), so expect nothing but randomness in this photoset. Yeah, it’s a little skimpy, but I’d rather share these photos than delete them.

Next year, if I attend again, I will however bring a better hat, more sunblock and a damn MTB…

  • Tyler Morin

    The paint job on that Rocky Mountain is so rad! Is that an available choice for a paint job or a one off created specifically for this event?

  • Klunk in the trunk!

  • Justin Pyatt

    “Next year if I attend I will have to bring a better hate.”

    Yes. Yes you will, sir.

    Nice job, by the way.

  • Keith Gibson

    that BRAT tho!

  • professorvelo

    I was really hoping someone actually raced the vintage Yeti

    • It’d probably explode! haha

      • professorvelo

        what with 45mm of bump-soaking travel?!

  • Tony Clifton

    The Sasquatch bulletin with all but four of the phone number tags taken – it appears many saw something “suspicious”…