Soma’s New Gaping Gator Dirt Drop Handlebars Apr 20, 2015


Never underestimate the benefits of a wide, flared-out dirt drop. Especially for off-road riding. While 655mm might sound like a MTB bar width, all that leverage in a shallow drop can add just the right amount of control to your MTB, cross or all-road bike.

Soma’s new Gator Bar looks like a beast! Check out more at the Soma blog and see the specs below.

– 6061 butted aluminum
– Width: 655mm at ends, center-to-center
– Width: 505mm at front of drops, center-to-center
– Width of flats on top: 340mm
– Center: 31.8mm
– Compatible with 22.2mm clamping accessories
– Drops flare out at 20° angle
– Weight: 400g
– No cable grooves
– Shotpeen finish
– Black or silver

  • DougHan

    so with wider tires, dropper posts, flatter and wider bars… at what point do I realize I should have just bought a mountain bike in the first place?

    • Luc

      Define “mountain bike”

    • It’s 4.20, open your minddddd mannnnnnn

    • Kerry Nordstrom

      I found a bike for you:

      • ez

        Ha…. Kerry is Mr Dirt Drops, which is not a bad thing. But drops are not bar ends, be fair. Enough 4:20 jokes.

  • I’m glad Soma constantly makes silver finish versions of their bars. These look like they would be fun on my Nature Boy and silver is ‘on theme’ for the build.

  • Evan Baird

    The feature that everybody has missed, including Soma’s copy writer, is that it’s compatible with 22.2mm clamps like the Rohloff twist shifter without the need for an adapter.

    • It’s mentioned on the product page but I’m surprised they didn’t put it in their blog post as well. It is one of my favorite features.

  • Robert0321

    Bars like that are quite common/popular in beach racing, which i don’t believe is a thing outside of Europe. (Or even the Netherlands)
    Instead of chopping down your flat bars for aerodynamics, these improve just that while maintaining the control wider bars provide.

  • ez

    I would say, that I’d like to see something akin to their Cowbells in carbon. I love those on my gravel/cx bike. Just make them lighter.