Ritchey’s New Breakaway Tourer Apr 19, 2015



I can’t think of a better bike to utilize Ritchey‘s Breakaway system than a touring bike. Especially one that can run either 700c x 40mm or 27.5 x 2.1″ wheels. These new Breakaway tourers feature an integrated head tube and will be available in the fall. The pricepoint is to be determined, but expect them to be around the same as the standard Breakaway.

  • Katherine Fuller

    Gorgeous. Still wish I’d bought a Swiss Cross when I had the chance…

    I’m loving the current direction of the bicycle industry. I realize it’s just another ebb and flow and trend and this love affair with touring bikes and steel forks will dissipate in time, but something just feels pure and *inviting* about this new crop of “do-it-all” bikes that are still cool and full of character in more-affordable steel.

    Suddenly, it’s OK to not have a carbon fork (gasp) when we were told that was the holy grail of comfort and panache. Sure, ENVE is having a phenomenal run right now but, then again, so is Surly (and, I’d argue, so are old steel bikes on Craigslist…). Sure, my Pugsley weighs a metric shit ton, but it’s a frickin’ blast to ride.

    It’s just nice to see exploration, wandering and adventure back in the cycling conversation instead of just race, win and upgrade-every-6-months. They both have their place but it’s nice to have a balance. I think The Radavist strikes that balance well, by the way, so thanks.

  • recurrecur

    It looks like it has clearance for tires bigger than 40mm.

    Really nice looking, solid frameset. I’m a bit surprised by the single ring build. Even with the massive range of that cassette, if this were moderately loaded with gear, you’d definitely want a smaller front ring for big hills.

    • yeah, it does. But they’re being safe. If you put a large 42mm tire, it might not fit.

      • Stan Engelbrecht

        Hi John. I mailed you a while ago as requested, but I’m not sure if the mail got lost in your sea of spam and junk again. I’ve sent it again right now, with the subject as MERCER CX/TOURER, SOUTH AFRICAN BUILT. Thanks John. Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

    • apmoniac

      It’s usually the chainstays that end up limiting the clearance and you can’t see them super clearly here. But, as John said, they are probably being conservative.

  • Michael Schiller

    saw a glimpse on Vernor’s IG. Looks great with 650B MTB tires. Anxious to see the geometry and sizing.

    • Brian Vernor

      Clean and mean. The IG version you saw was the same but with all the Blackburn racks and bags mounted for our trip in Chile.

      • Looks good! You had flat bars though, right?

        • Brian Vernor

          The above photo is of my bike.

          • Ah, had no idea. Cool! Can’t wait to see that story, btw.

  • Seth Allen James Burns

    that is a great looking bike .. I’m dreaming of what it would be like to ride that, compared to the 1985 version that I have!