Ritchey Now Offers Their Disc Swiss Cross in Custom Commando Paint

Since the beginning, Rick at D&D Cycles has painted the Ritchey frames that found their way to him, including the popular Commando mountain bikes. This irregular pattern was something that the Ritchey factory overseas couldn’t emulate, so the team brought this new Swiss Cross straight to D&D Cycles for the appropriate treatment.

For 2015, Ritchey will now offer up any steel frameset with this paint option. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got an older Swiss Cross or a new Break-away, any of their steel frames can be painted like the old Commandos. Simply contact them for more information.

See more photos of this beaut in the Gallery.

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    hell yes.

  • Trevor H

    Spectacular. Glad to know they are still willing to do work like this.

  • Liam Griffin

    Love seeing those TRP Spyres starting to show up on more bikes, instead of BB7s.

    • Mark Tha Spark

      Couldn’t agree more, sir.

  • Dobry

    Pretty cool.

    Just read the fine print though – if you wear underwear while riding, it voids the warranty.

  • c_j_drawbridge

    It appears that the graphics are decals over the paint?

    • Ritchey Sean

      Nope, decals are under clearcoat.

      • HurlEverstone

        Sean, what tires are those? Is Ritchey going to come correct with another 30c – 32c Tom Slick?

        • Ritchey Sean

          Sharp eye. We’ve got a new Tom Slick coming out this spring. They’ll be a true 27c on a standard rim and will fill out a bit larger on a wide rim (as pictured on my bike).

      • Andreas

        This is an option through the Ritchey webstore (US), but requires to call/contact?
        Same price as the grey ritchey cross disc?

        • Ritchey Sean

          This will be an option through the US Ritchey store yes. There will be an upcharge over the cost of the standard black Swiss Cross. Keep an eye on the http://www.ritcheylogic.com site for full details to emerge soon.

      • beat it kook:

        Sean, I have a second hand swissDisc in the mail. From the craigslist pics, it looks like he has 140 rotor front and 160 rear Hope rotors. Rear has an adapter on it..
        Is this camo bike shown with both 160mm front and rear?

        • Ritchey Sean

          Hey Geoff, the bike pictured has 160’s front and rear. The fork works for 140 or 160 (since we sell it aftermarket) but the frame is designed around 160. Generally you want to run either the same size rotors front/rear or the larger up front, so I’d recommend getting a 20mm post adapter and a 160 rotor for the front. Enjoy the bike! I raced one at the Grinduro a few weeks ago and it was a great setup.

          • beat it k00k

            Sean is this a 53cm? How tall are you? Thanks

          • Ritchey Sean

            It is a 53cm. I’m 5-9 and this build has a 90mm stem, but later I went to a 100. I could ride a 55cm as well but the 53 just seems right.

  • Katherine Fuller

    I thought that owning and riding a beautiful, classic, Yeti ARC X ‘cross bike would alleviate my symptoms of bike lust and coveting.
    NOPE. This is fantastic.

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    Wow, lust doesn’t begin to describe…

  • Tony Clifton

    Now if only you could (still) get one with Tom’s immaculate filet brazing to match D&D’s stunning paint…

  • ap

    oh man. Love it. Kinda wish I’d have known about this option when I repainted my vintage Road Logic. Still pretty happy with how it turned out in “pacific silver” though.


    • hans

      i’m glad you didn’t repaint it camo! “Pacific Silver” looks on point!

    • Ritchey Sean

      What a beauty!

  • Kyle Kelley

    Sign me up for a tandem!

  • Peter10000

    The chain stays look way longer than the images on Ritchey’s site. Is it the same frame?

    • Ritchey Sean

      It is. The stays look longer with road tires in there.

  • JoshHayes

    This is some fucking next level shit right here. Sign me the fuck up.

  • Eric Richter

    Turned out sweet, Sean!