Ritchey Master P-29er – Kyle Kelley

Ritchey Master P-29er
Words and photos by Kyle Kelley

Have you ever seen a bike that makes you wanna say uhhhh! Uhhhh! Na na na na! Na na na na!!!

Well… that’s kind of what this Ritchey P-29er did for me. So I took a picture and put it up on Instagram to see if I could get a nice call and response going. Next thing I knew I had 1,000 people on Instagram screaming “uhhhh! Uhhhh! Na na na na!!!” so of course I decided it’d be best to take more photos of this amazing bike to share them here.

Graham, the colonel of this muthaf<3kin' tank is definitely pulling rank! XTR everything. He's even rocking XTR Safety Wire on those disk brakes. Thomson this and Thomson that, Ritchey where many lack. But the wheels, I'm in love with the wheels! White Industries hubs tied to the Blunt SS (full polish) and some 2.40 gumwall Ardents! I don't think anything could make this build any better. From the nips to the grips, it's dialed. The only thing Graham says he'll be changing down the road will be a wider Ritchey Classic Handlebar - this one was cut down to look and feel more classic. Time to get faded(Red,white, and blue foo), pass me the dojah and say uhhhh! Uhhhh! Na na na na! Na na na na!!! ____ Follow Kyle on Instagram


  • Mike Lammers

    For [email protected]#$%^&*()_ sake, why is there a derailleur on this bike? Why?

    • Because LA has some big mountains…

      • Mike Lammers

        It’s just wrong to have such a beauty of a SS frame with it’s intestines hanging out

        • It’s not a SS frame dude. There are front and rear derailleur cable stops. Those are just “slider” dropouts, making SS conversion easy.

          • Mike Lammers

            The Dude abides…

    • David Landers

      it’s for changing gears.

    • Kyle Kelley

      I agree with you!!!

  • Andrew Deane

    What’s with the wires on the caliper bolts?

    • My guess is to keep them from coming loose? Never seen that before either.

      • Andrew Deane

        Those were my thoughts too, although I have never known this to be a big problem. I would assume that the jagged looking chicken wire projecting from the bike is a bigger problem than it is a solution.

      • DerekD

        It is to keep bolts from coming loose. It’s pretty common on airplanes and in motorsports for any fluid retaining bolt or any bolt that must not come loose. The wiring on this caliper isn’t correct though. The idea is you twist the wire so it would stop the bolt from being able to back out. Here’s a simple example: http://www.wikihow.com/Lock-Wire-Drilled-Head-Bolts

      • Linh Nguyen

        Shimano instructions specify for the wire to be used. This is the first I’ve ever seen anyone actually do it though and always wondered if I was taking a chance. Never had a problem though.

        • Otis

          Yeah shimano tec instructs that you put wires on or these little plastic clips

        • Patrick Murphy

          Yup – funny, I never put them on my own bikes, but when I used to wrench I’d do it to all customers’ bikes, for liability and guilt I guess…I doubt they’re necessary if the bolts are properly thread-lock treated and tightened correctly.

      • Majaco

        Yup, I grew up in a drag racing family and we had to wrap up a lot of bolts.

  • Joe

    Man, Kyle’s write up for this bike is just awesome. Brings back teenage memories of rolling round the ‘burbs in someone’s Mom’s minivan blastin some P. Awesome bike too I should add.

  • Ham Sandwich

    stem and bar are the same length. its 1992 up in this mah facka.

  • Tank Dogs Salute!

  • Mitch Lomacz

    Love the period-correct handle bar width!

  • Zeb

    running those ardents tubeless? I’ve heard they don’t seal up well. is that not true?

    • Jake Riehle

      Are specifically talking about the skin walls or ardents in general?

      • Zeb

        yes the skin walls! sorry!

    • Brooks Ward

      Can confirm tubeless and easy, according to Graham

    • I’ve been running them on my Black Cat for a few months and they’re fine!

      • Tyler Shannon

        speaking of that black cat, when are we going to see that one?!

    • ez

      Depends on the wheels. I know a few folks running the skinwalls with no issues, but my buddy with CrossMax 29’s has problems. I use the TR version (which is less sexy).

  • professorvelo

    handle bar width is propah.

    • they look skinny…680?

      • Ethan Janssen

        i think they are 580, peter

  • -Steven

    Thank you for the Master P and “from the nips to the grips” is sooo on point.

  • tony365

    we need to chip in and buy some safety wire pliers for this guy. I kid, i kid. That might be the best lookin MTB out there. nicley done to all those involved.

  • If I had one I’d build it ….just. like. this!

  • Whata beaut! Although, I think it needs some z-max’s and a bullmoose :)

  • Edward Reyes

    Hate the silver stuff, hate the fixy bar, hate the long stem, frame’s sweet though

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    HA! Keep ’em comin!

  • floody

    Skinny bars and big wheels sound like a recipe for horrible steering.

  • pamountainbiker

    I just started riding mountain bikes again, and I have to say, getting used to wider bars is taking some time

  • pamountainbiker

    Forgot to mention that being said, I have an original Santa Cruz Blur with a 12.5 inch high BB, 71 degree head angle – so when I get on modern all mountain sleds with big forks, the change is huge

  • charlesojones

    Channeling Frischknecht

  • westley
  • gustin18
  • Birger

    Maxxis Ardent tan walls seal up well, no problems, using Stans Arch Ex and Crest with Stans sealant.