Porcelain Rocket’s DSLR Slingers Apr 22, 2015



Scott from Porcelain Rocket launched a small run of DSLR Slingers on his site yesterday. These on-the-go camera bags allow you to drop in a mid-sized DSLR, rangefinder or Micro 4/3s camera, and simply pull them out to get the shot. There’s no need to stop and open a backpack or a handlebar bag.

While they’re not big enough for a pro DSLR with a battery grip, they fit a 5Dmkiii and a smallish lens. I fit a 5Dmkiii in mine with a 24-70 mkii lens but it felt a lot better on the bike with my Mamiya 7ii, Leica M7 or my little Fuji x100t. Remember, you’re putting weight on one side of the bike and they tend to hit your knees while climbing, so the smaller the camera, the better in my opinion.

The DSLR Slingers are in stock now at Porcelain Rocket for $150.

  • I’ve been looking for something like this. I’ve started using a Herschel waist pack, and have had good luck there. Curious about waist pack options you recommend.

    • I like the Topo Designs packs. They’re a bit bigger, will fit a mid-sized camera and could double as a mini messenger bag.

  • Scott makes the hotness.

    • Brad Hodges

      This is also true !

  • mrbiggs

    Any idea if it can pop off the bike and be used with a shoulder strap as a standard camera bag? If that’s the case, I’m in. I’d love something that I can ride with and carry around when I’m off the bike.
    Also, PR doesn’t say anything about water-proofiness. It seems like that would be an important feature.

    • It’s not water proof. Carry a dry sack with you and no, it can’t be used as a shoulder strap bag.

      • mrbiggs

        Scott at Porcelain Rocket just dropped an email that there are loops on the side of the Slinger for clipping a shoulder strap. Strap not included.