Mash SF: Luxury Caps Apr 8, 2015


Mash somehow landed collaborations with a few luxury brands, namely Comme Des Garcons, Chanel, Gucci and LV. They’re sure to sell out fast, so head over to Mash to see the collection.

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    Soon to collab with Cease and Desist?

  • Louis Vuitton doesn’t allow their LV logo to be defaced by a cut in the fabric like that.

  • bjarnebjarnsen

    oh my god. that´s the end. wearing luxury Brands and riding fixed gear. sick shit. we need golden frames, swarovsky bars and…. come, on! i show you some cool fixed gear riders! rock on, fucking hipsters

  • bjarnebjarnsen

    sorry dude. but, you know what i mean. $$$$$$$$$$$. keep rollin….. :-)

    • I just think it’s funny how upset people get about riding bikes.