Map Bicycles: Brooks C17 with Schmidt SON Tail Light Apr 27, 2015


This is pure genius. Mitch Pryor from Map Bicycles modified a Cambium saddle to mount a Schmidt SON tail light. He first removed the Brooks plaque, then disassembled the saddle and tapped threades to hold the Schmidt light. The wiring enters the seat post and seat tube through a hole drilled in the PAUL Tall n Handsome post head, before traveling through the frame. Then Mitch used beveled washers on the backside of the light allows it to be mounted to the curved surface. I kind of want to try this one out…

  • AJ Tendick


  • Guest

    Yesterday i built this: P1070966.jpg, two years ago I used a Supernova Tail light:IMG_0247.jpg

    But this Build from Map BICYCLES is a very good idea and clever build. There is another C17 in the house ;-)

  • That’s exactly what I need to do. Thanks!

  • Froste

    This is so sexy!

  • Hubert d’Autremont

    Mitch is a boss.

  • Ken Neville


  • Mike Skalnik

    I was just looking for rear lights for my commuter. I saw this pass through, but ignored it since I figure putting a Brooks on a bike that’ll get locked up outside in SF means I’ll be riding home without a saddle soon. However, I just passed by this again and noticed that this isn’t the Supernova light that I thought it was.

    That new SON light is slick! And comes in a seat post mounted version. So much nicer looking than most dyno lights that look like a light up reflector.

  • Gernot Frank with angled shims