Lucas’ Icarus Classic Road with Campagnolo Athena

Blending steel with stainless can yield marvelous results, especially when done so through the use of chevrons. To then carry those lines into a frame’s paint is whole ‘nother level of beauty. Ian Sutton of Icarus Frames‘ latest road machine was recently built up at Mellow Johnny’s.

The owner, Lucas, wanted a classic road with modern componentry and a 26.0 bar. Campagnolo Athena 11-speed with a Nitto M179 STI bar and a custom fillet stem delivered the perfect kit for this bike, resulting in an elegant road machine. White Industries T11 to H+Son Archetypes and Paul skewers offer one of the nicest wheelsets for those looking for a classic flair and modern tech.

There are so many details in this bike, that I might have gone overboard with the photos: Stainless stays, stainless fork blades, internal routing and that head tube cluster, all matched with a beautiful chevron design at the bottom bracket. Ben Falcon at the Horse Cycles delivered one hell of a paint job!

Enjoy this bike, Lucas!

  • Anthony M. Garcia

    Welp. Time for me to start saving for a custom road bike.

  • test tube ( ‘| )

    Paintjob is amazing!

    • Agreed on Shimano/SRAM missing the market. Even with Athena, I would say there is still a market for an even higher end all-alloy group with classic aesthetic from Campagnolo.

      • test tube ( ‘| )

        Totally agree. I’m currently building a classic MXL bike with Force 22 but was forced to go with the all-black aesthetics even if I favor the classic silver look, which would look much much better with the whole setup. And I’m pretty sure there’s market for it. Sugino makes high end cranksets in both black and silver. And they sell, so…

        • firmanfirdaus

          Velo Orange with the Grand Cru lines also offer a classic look parts.

    • kermitonwheels

      Yeah also totally agree they are missing out on a segment – many of us still lust after Dura Ace 7400 and no reason some of the SRAM groupsets wouldn’t look as nice. And a silver polished current spec DA kit would be amazing as well.

    • Alex Steinker

      Those green tires are amazing. If you’ve ever ridden Pave’s you’d know. A fantastic choice for any bike that will see tons of miles and varying road conditions. They used to have a green tread but now moved to sidewall which i like a little better. Its a classic tire.

  • kasual

    Sleeve work on the seat stays is crazy nice. love the paint. big ups!

    • Thos details are amazing!

  • adanpinto


  • Keith Malarick


    • tony365

      What would you do?

  • Ryan Jones

    Stem is amazing too. Some of the best craftsmanship I’ve seen.

  • Andrew Nass

    One of these days I’ll send Ian some photos now that I’ve got my icarus built up. I feel like a bad child, not sending any pictures.

  • firmanfirdaus

    So beautiful. Everything is so well-placed.

  • honorcoffeebikes

    Wow, Im having a custom road bike made now and I’ve been trying to describe this “cosmic grey” color I see in my head for the paint. The grey parts on this bike is exactly what I’ve been envisioning and haven’t seen it in life until just right until now. This is great! Also love the details as always on Icarus bikes.

  • Isaiah Kramer

    Stem is a work of art, great signature piece!

  • Evan Kilgore

    You know who did the paint?

    • Juggaloslaya

      Ben Falcon at the Horse Cycles paint shop

  • Thomas Alexander Peralta

    A bike after my own heart – truly stunning.

  • tony365

    Very lovely bicycle indeed. The combination of joinery is quite nice as well, even if I prefer a plain jane tig welded bike, This is undeniably beautiful, Nice work to all those involved

  • For design and aesthetics, this is pretty close to perfect. I have a mix of Campy and Shimano on my 2003 Serotta CIII, and have often thought, when I get a new group, I’ll go with the silver Athena. Just FYI: I’ve been very happy with the H Plus Son Archetypes on the Serotta. They are not flexy, but rather guide the Serotta chisel-like through the landscape. It goes without saying the color schemes on the Icarus’ are just gorgeous.

  • Andy Moore

    The reflections on those rims is something else. And it goes without my saying so that this is one hell of a gorgeous bicycle, all around. #chapeau

    I’d also like to add my voice to those mentioning the unadulterated glory of silver component sets. Metal can be plenty good looking without a coat! #plataismetal