Lori’s Tomii Cycles Disc Cross

When you ride a 44cm cyclocross bike, there aren’t many options out there. In fact, a lot of riders will opt for a 26″ mountain frame, which limits tire selections for ‘cross. For Lori, she wanted a cyclocross frame that would fit a fat tire and most importantly, fit her, while keeping true to the 700c wheel.

Builder Nao Tomii of Tomii Cycles wanted to take advantage of the extreme sloping top tube by making this cross bike look like a drop bar 29r mountain bike. Since a lot of people prefer their cross frames a bit smaller than their road frames, this one comes in a tad under 44cm. With 150mm Rotor cranks and Shimano Ultegra hydro disc brakes, Lori has absolute control over her bike. In fact, she’s already started riding trails on it here in Austin.

Personally, this is where custom frames triumph and when they look this good, who can argue with that? Check out this testimonial on Lori’s Instagram account.

Props to the mechanics at Mellow Johnny’s for building such a stellar rig for Lori and a huge high five goes to Nao at Tomii Cycles for building such a rad frame.

  • boomforeal

    usually, on a frame that small with wheels that big, i would worry about toe overlap – but the short cranks likely solve that. sorted!

  • So unbelievably good.

  • David

    So much goodness mashed into that little package.

  • Mitch Lomacz

    Those Pacenti SL25 rims are killer! Not a lot of folks know about them… Totally worth looking into for your next wide tubeless cross/gravel wheel build.

    • I’ve been using the non-disc and love them!

  • Alic Gammon

    This is gorgeous.

  • Scott

    Cool as hell!

  • Jamie McKeon

    that paint!!! SO good

  • Mark Hespenheide

    Whoa. Where can I find the color-matching inset nuts for the rotor cranks?

      • Mark Hespenheide

        Possibly, I guess. Mine from a few years ago are a pure red; these look closer to an orange-red. I’m wondering if anyone started making aftermarket replacements.

        • They are red… it’s just the light making the reds pop more.

  • geoff.tewierik

    Shimano RS-685 Levers? I.e. not Ultegra?

    • Correct. Sorry!

      • geoff.tewierik

        No biggy, only reason I picked it was because I am trying to source Shimano hydro disc and mechanical gear change brifters for my Wolverine. And the RS-685 does the job.

  • kermitonwheels

    That’s a hot little package!

  • Lori is dynamite! So is that bike!

  • Jordan Low

    Yeah…nice job capturing all the little details on this one. Such a tough looking little ride.

  • Salim Riley

    Wish there was one of her next to that rad little ripper!

    • I linked to a photo of her and the bike. She wasn’t around when I shot these…