Kitsbow Obsessives: Bruce Gordon! Apr 20, 2015

Kitsbow interviews one of the originals in the US custom framebuilder family, Bruce Gordon. Maker of the RockNRoad tires and a veritable autodidactic raconteur, Bruce has as many frames under his belt as he does stories. Great video and even better dude.

  • Matt O’Donnell

    This is such a great piece. Really inspiring, just the sort of video pieces I want to produce while doing my PCH tour.

  • Elliot Wilkinson-Ray

    Thanks John! Everyone should check out Bruce’s site and give him a call about making your next bike for a grand adventure.

  • starground

    LOL Bruce Gordon on a heavily pimped Vespa! Like a british “scooter boy”. He is really inspiringly cool. He’s moto.

  • kermitonwheels

    This is so nice