Ira Ryan’s Breadwinner JB Racer 29’r

The JB Racer may be Breadwinner’s flagship MTB but it’s far from anything new for Ira Ryan and Tony Pereira. When the two framebuilders decided to join forces to create the Breadwinner label, Ira Brought his knowledge of road and cross bikes to the table, while Tony weighed in on the MTB game.

Truthfully, the JB Racer is a continuation of the way Tony Pereira has been building cross-country mountain bikes for years. Named after Jeff Bates, one of Tony’s best friends who died from skin cancer, the JB Racer is a true to form XC race machine. Racing mountain bikes is where Pereira Cycles first made an appearance and Jeff Bates was one of the first to race under the brand.

When Breadwinner formed, Tony used his singlespeed MTB as inspiration for the JB Racer and here we are today. This and the Bad Otis offer two sides to the MTB coin. After we shredded Brown’s Camp last week, I shot some photos of Ira Ryan’s personal JB Racer. While there’s more to come from that day, I really wanted to showcase this bike on its own.

If you’re interested in one of these machines, the JB Racer starts at $1795 for a frame.

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  • Marc Gasch

    I will start the discussion with “WOW”

    • Thomas Alexander Peralta

      Hear, hear! In my book, absolutely nothing beats a fork that’s painted to match.

      • Yes! I wish more custom bikes would get this treatment.
        Cover up those ugly, tacky fork graphics. Its a custom bicycle, not an ad for a component company.

  • Tony Clifton

    Zero bullshit on that bike. Love it.

  • The colors were all wacky, so I just re-upped these… Sorry if anyone was turned off. haha.

  • Steven

    That’s all sorts of beautiful. Solid build too.

  • david__g

    I adore the colour.

  • Nathan Segovia

    Dirty bike shoot . Winner in my book.

  • ninja

    Classy steed! Brave going with a non-replaceable hanger…

    • Richard Smith

      Firstly, it’s steel and therefore both ‘bombproof’ and ‘indestructible’.
      Secondly, Ira Ryan is a framebuilder. Framebuilders eat broken derailleur hangers for breakfast. Probably.

      • Jon R

        Bombproof till it is not. I shed many tears after snapping the hanger off a Reynold 853 frame a few years back.

        • Richard Smith

          Heretic! Steel cannot be broken. All steel frames last a lifetime. BELIEVE!

  • Ira Ryan

    John, Thanks for coming to Portland and letting us show you around a few of our trails.

  • Tyler Morin

    Just out of curiosity…is there any specific reasoning for a straight head tube versus an oversize of tapered? Seems like most mountain bikes I see that are coming out use oversize or tapered.

    • This bike came out around the time people were switching to 44mm head tubes. I “think” that the new bikes will have 44mm / tapered head tubes.

      • Tyler Morin

        Got it! Didn’t know how “old” this bike was, so that makes sense!