Ian’s Team Rock Lobster Disc Cross

Ian Stowe is a shredmeister. A true Radavist. He races cross for Rock Lobster, works for Santa Cruz Bicycles and spends some time as a model for Giro (that’s him at the top of the site). This past weekend, while on a super super secret outing, I got to spend a lot of time in the saddle with the dude (Like, 25 miles of high Sierra uphill saddle time) and a lot of time looking at this stunning Rock Lobster disc cross bike.

I don’t know what’s better, the bike by itself, or the complete package, paired with those House Industries bidons… At any rate, check out more photos in the Gallery and stay tuned for more information on our outing last weekend.

  • Garrett Kautz

    Ian is also good at sticker surgery and reapplication. Good work Stowe!

    • HAHAHA. He said he knew you’d say something about it!

  • barry mcwilliams

    I love that inner head tube sticker.

  • So good, so good. Some of my favorite bikes come out of NorCal. All business.

  • Jay Sublett

    I need that seatpost clamp. Is it Thompson?

    • It looks like a Salsa seatpost clamp to me.

      • Jay Sublett

        Thanks Cowboy. I think you’re right.

        • NickV

          It’s not a Salsa Lip-Lock.
          Lip-Locks have a clean smooth roundness to their profile curve – which matches perfectly with CK headsets – this one has a flat spot in the profile.

          • Scott Junker

            it looks like a DKG clamp. They’re really great and are used by most of the custom builders here in central and northern California

          • Max Young

            Any idea where to pick one of these up? I have a Stinner on its way to Vancouver and am looking for a DKG clamp in annodized green to match my headset. Appears the only ones I see on DKG’s site are black or silver.

          • Scott Junker

            Try calling him up.
            ph: 415-479-5482 • fx: 415-479-5490 • [email protected]

          • arlcyclist

            You can buy through their website… http://www.dkg-cnc.com/sizing.html

  • Steven Keyes

    Steel or Aluminum?

  • TannerJames

    This bike is rad, but I feel like canti’s would complete it. Disc brakes are alright i guess.

  • drive side QR?

    • Yeah. If you’re removing your front wheel, it’s more than likely due to a flat and your rotors might be cookin’

  • hans

    dig the pink “Stowe” on the top tube!