Cuppow’s New Pfelt Jar Coozie Apr 9, 2015


Our friends at Cuppow just released these Pfelt jar coozies to accompany 16oz widemouth jars. Made in the USA, from recycled plastic bottles, Pfelt is a durable material that is a perfect insulator for a hot glass jar. Drink coffee, tea, or just protect your jar from damage. The Cuppow lids are a personal favorite and these coozies make the setup even better.

These new Pfelt Jar Coozies are in stock now or you can buy a starter kit at Cuppow!

  • TSquared

    Check out YNOT, a cycling apparel company in Toronto. They make RaD Cordura Cozys.

    • cuppow

      We have a ton of YNOT coozies here in the office the small ones are perfect for the quilted 12oz jars

  • Tommaso Gomez

    I plan to keep drinking hot coffee out of my travel mug, but I hope Cuppow gets filthy rich selling these contraptions to hipsters.