Chris King’s Gourmet Century Registration is Open Apr 1, 2015

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Chris King’s Gourmet Century is more than just a ride, it’s a curated experience that brings delicious food together with absolutely stunning riding. This year’s events is spanning the globe in five locations, all with unique cuisine and terrain.

Registration is now open for these events and they book up fast, so head over to the Gourmet Century website as soon as you can!

  • Matt O’Donnell

    Registration opens tmrw, April 1, at noon.

  • Tommaso Gomez

    Is it really this easy to take money from dentists and tourists? That Portland route is pretty ill-conceived and you would ride by comparably good food options that would charge you a hell of a lot less than $250. Take your pick of Elephant Delicatessen, PBJs Grilled, Blue Star Donuts, or Helvetia Tavern to name a few nearby. As for the route, riding along Highway 30 for 10 miles is boring and not scenic. Descending through the tunnels of Cornell Road, with no downhill bypass for cyclists, is something that I do alone, but would not recommend for a large organized ride. You could start by climbing Cornell/Thompson/53rd to Skyline, do the middle part, and then descend Skyline/Hewett/Fairmount/Vista on the return to Portland. I’d also add Rock Creek, Beck, and Moreland for some of the best views in the West Hills. This will come off as a negative comment, but I’d feel bad if some out-of-towner flew in for this half-baked route.

    • Matt O’Donnell

      Can’t comment about the Portland route, but I’m stoke on the Sonoma one. Can’t wait.

  • James

    Wow, did they raise the prices!? I did it a few years back and it wasn’t $250! I have to admin the food was GREAT but just a tad expensive this time around.

  • Keith Gibson

    Signed up for the Asheville ride. Looking forward to it.