Caletti Giro Grinduro Edition Titanium Cyclocross Bike

October will be here before you know it and with it, comes Grinduro, a different kind of bike race. After my pre-ride photoshoot, one thing became evident: the best rig for this race is a cross bike. Don’t even try to ride a road bike, because you’ll be walking and if you ride a MTB, you might clock in a better time on the descents, but there’s a 25 mile climb.

When Giro announced the Grinduro, Santa Cruz framebuilder John Caletti of Caletti Cycles began working on a cyclocross bike for the event. With bent seat stays, clearances for a 40mm tire, disc brakes and no-rattle housing, this bike is the ideal weapon for a day filled with Sierra Nevada gravel and crag.

My favorite detail on this frame in particular however is the Geoff McFetridge artwork. The evil mountain awaits and Grinduro is coming… Best get your rig ready.

  • Jake Riehle

    Can I just buy this bike now?

  • Dobry

    Beautiful bike. But what does it mean to have no rattle housing?

    • I just meant DT routing on an “all road / cross” doesn’t ping around like TT routing does, in my experience anyway.

      • Dobry

        Oh! I guess I was a little too hasty ripping the housing off my bike and lighting it on fire, then. Ah well, live and learn.

  • Sretsok

    God dammit.

  • -Steven

    The dust on the bike is sooo on point

    • Scott Junker

      Everything at sea otter has a layer of dust and attemting to clean only moves it around, better just to embrace it.

  • tony365

    Lovely Bicycle, The only thing I cant get behind are those goofy levers, I know they look like that for a reason but man to my eye they are well goofy, but what do I know

    • It’s the hydro levers. They look weird but I like them because your hands don’t slip off while riding trails.

      • tony365

        I know, I know, but they still look funny to me, I am sure they are awesome, Great photos as always, Thanks for distracting me from what I should be doing.

  • STW

    Stop calling it Grinduro :( It’s just riding on a fire road and doing some single track as well. It’s like you mushed two wet eggplants together…

    • Jamie McKeon

      being a wet blanket never looked good…

      • STW

        darn tootin’

        • I think he was taking a dig on your comment…

          • Scott Junker

            I like the image of Dain getting really excited about his new baba ganoush recipe though.

    • Tyler Shannon

      but..that’s the name.

    • Uhhh…. The event is called Grinduro. You ok? Eggplant is one of my favorite foods, don’t bring it into the mix!

      • STW

        No no…I mean, Grinduro is the name, for sure, but is this the start of “Grinduro” events and the “Grinduro” moniker? Much like how certain full-suspension MTB events are now called “Enduro” events? Terrible! Atrocious!

        • Enduro is a form of MTB racing. It’s unlike other MTB races…

          • STW

            enduro is the butt of all mtb jokes :( will grinduro become the butt of all dirt road biking jokes?

          • btdubs

            I’m pretty sure Grinduro is a tongue-in-cheek moniker.

    • Jon Severson

      Pssst you logged into the Radavist not Pinkbike.

      The race is called Grinduro because…wait for it….that’s what it is. Its’ a gravel grinder with 4 timed sections. I know. Brilliant. Oh and yes…some singletrack. I’ve been riding/racing bikes for 25 years. First time I’ve seen something like that and wow, the name works. So there ya go. Will we see you there? Guessing not, would take away from bitching on message boards on pinkbike about enduro blue.

  • Matt

    SRAM hydro levers are sexy, so is everything else about this bike

  • kermitonwheels

    By the way why do you always position the tire decals so you can’t see them? A few times I’ve been curious which tire was on a bike, or perhaps the size but you do make it a little hard.

    • I usually like the valves and labels on the ground, this round I should have put them up. Apologies!

      • kermitonwheels

        That makes sense. Lost in the long grass sometimes.

  • netei

    Kg? weight? titanium and all the carbon parts.
    would be great to know. also what tires are used?
    thank you

    • Scott Junker

      35mm Clement X’plor USH tires

  • Keith Malarick

    Anyone know if those are SL-70 Ergo bars?

  • Peter Thomsen

    Whoa! Nice work Mr. John Caletti.

  • Brecon Thomas Welton

    that thing is fressshhhh! what kind of tires you rockin on there?

  • Tyler Howarth

    John – Do you think this Force 1 groupset and gearing (11-36?) will work well for the Grinduro?

  • charlestwalker

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