Blue Lug: Icarus Frames Road Complete Apr 28, 2015


Even though Icarus couldn’t fly close enough to the sun, he apparently has no problems flying over to Japan, where our friends at Blue Lug always take building up these frames with pride. Check out the latest from Austin, Texas framebuilder Ian Sutton of Icarus Frames at the Blue Lug Japan Flickr!

  • Jacob Hunter Creighton

    Icarus couldn’t do what now??

    • Icarus was a figure in Greek mythology that made wings of wax and feathers. His father warned him to not fly close to the sun because his wings would melt. He did anyway and fell to his death.

      • Jacob Hunter Creighton

        Right, but I guess the way I read it made it seem like you were referring to the story as if he flew too close to the sea, because “he couldn’t fly close enough to the sun.” Anyways, great bike!

  • Harry

    Blue Lug has one hell of an emporium on flickr!

  • kermitonwheels

    That’s a really wonderful green.

  • Ultra_Orange

    Cool but the crank isn’t jiving with the look. Then again I prefer the old stuff.