Bikepacking Arizona’s Black Canyon Trail Apr 16, 2015

To accompany the launch of their new Sherpa Overland bikepacking platform, Rocky Mountain bikes worked with Brian Vernor to produce a short film on Arizona’s Black Canyon Trail. These Canadian freeriders and XC racers are surely out of their element in the hot desert sun, but the vibe is right and this one should get the stoke going for a weekend adventure.

  • Jonathan McCurdy

    Phenomenal fun!

  • Tommaso Gomez

    I spent a summer in AZ but I never got to ride the Black Canyon Trail due to obvious logistic factors. It’s like 60 miles long with absolutely no bail points, no cell signal, and no road access in the middle. If you get hurt, get a mechanical issue, or run out of water, you’re on borrowed time in 115 degree desert heat. I’d love to try in the winter though, looks awesome.

    • Raymond Walker

      There are PLENTY of bail points (multiple trailheads, Bumblebee, pie at Rock Springs Cafe, etc.) There is cell service on a good portion of the trail. This thing criss crosses tons of jeep trails, not to mention other dirt & paved roads. It does get hot, but hey, HTFU and come prepared… or go in the winter like I tend to do! ;-)

      Bring your map & water… read up on the trail:

      …or just hire a guide and have em make your eggs & bac-ey in the morning and shuttle ya.
      These folks are good people:

      • Tommaso Gomez

        Good to know;) My other excuse for not making it to BCT was living 15 minutes from National on South Mountain, which is always a beast of trail. Phoenix is lucky to have such great mountain biking nearby.

  • Kyle Kelley

    Ha! There’s the video!

  • Chris Valente

    Vernor is the man.