Aventon Diamond Apr 9, 2015

I gotta say, this is not what I was expecting at all… Looking good Aventon!

  • Eric Spinney

    Holy moly that was odd. Bike looks good though.

  • Alic Gammon

    They can use as much pretty cinematography, Cinema 4d, and Boujou as they want doesn’t make their frames halfway decent. It’s the state bike approach. Spend a bunch on marketing your shitty product and people will think it’s a good product.

    • I love Cinema 4d.

      Back to the video. I think it’s well shot and beautiful. I’ve never ridden or seen a frame in person, close enough to make a judgement call.

    • Jordan Katterheinrich

      What’s the deal with everyone hating on State & Aventon? They have visually appealing bikes, and sure they aren’t top of the line, but they aren’t Wal-mart quality either. They obviously have a demographic they are marketing towards. And if it gets someone into riding, who cares what the frame is? Maybe in a few years when they appreciate it more, aren’t broke because of school, & are done delivering for Jimmy Johns, they’ll splurge on something nicer.

      Video is rad & the frame looks sweet!

      • Agreed…

      • Alic Gammon

        Aventon Mataros have an aluminum fork, if that’s not walmart level quality I don’t know what is. Visually appealing isn’t a measure of quality, and if people want/need to start cheap (like I did) there’s much better options that take minimal research to figure out. Everyone hates on State and Aventon (and Purefix and Crew etc etc) because they make low quality bikes and sell them for more than they’re worth. One step above walmart quality doesn’t mean it’s any good. For just a little more money you could get a much nicer bike, and for even less money you could convert an old road bike, still have a nicer bike, and actually learn a little bit about this hobby you’re interested in. Their demographics are mostly trendy kids that want to ride ss/fg because it’s cool not because they actually care to ride, and a few mislead folks that actually are interested in riding ss/fg for legitimate reasons that just don’t do enough research and get fucked over.

        • Have you actually ridden this bike or are you just speculating? I’ve worked with the biggest manufacturers that make the highest end road frames and these guys too. I can tell you the guy behind Aventon is very focused and driven to making performance oriented bikes. The diamond is another step in that direction and the price tag naturally starts to reflect that. They actually own a different company that is closer to what you are describing. However even then I disagree with that general “wal mart” perspective. Even the biggest most experienced companies have to recall bikes because something is occasionally designed poorly. Be careful judging things by material when it’s the engineering of that material that is far more important. There are def some alum frames that perform higher than carbon ones. While we can appreciate very highly crafted and detailed bikes on a site like this one, part of the beauty of the bicycle is that it’s so simple. Let’s not kid ourselves, with a couple of triangles and circles, you’re off flyin! If someone gets into riding because it’s the cool thing to do or the bike just looks cool, chances are they will fall in love with it for the right reasons and advance to the next thing. It’s part of the journey, not necessarily getting “fucked over”. People, like bike manufacturers have to start somewhere and I wouldn’t rush to judge them. I would also expect a lot more from Aventon in the coming years. I was compensated to make this lil short, but not to say this.

          • Alic Gammon

            Anonymous guest claims to have worked with “the biggest manufacturers that make the highest end road frames”; sounds legit. I’ll admit I’m quick to judge Aventon, maybe this frame and their nicer frames are actually halfway decent, but launching a company with a frame like the Mataro (which I have ridden) is a quick way to end up on my shitlist. If Aventon does actually start to make a trustworthy name for themselves they can get off that list, but after my experiences seeing and riding the Mataro, and after all the horror stories I’ve heard from fellow ss/fg riders, it’s gonna take a lot of work. You can’t engineer a rigid aluminum fork that’s even slightly comfortable to ride while remaining safe. It’s nothing more than a sign of cheap craftsmanship.

          • Sorry first time posting here. Seemed implied who I was though considering the video above. Looks like we actually have some mutual friends per your vimeo profile and reside in my hometown.

          • Alic Gammon

            Oh, wow, yeah I do live in Bozeman! I just creeped facebook, so you know Adam and Logan? Good old skate friends of mine.

          • GustavoXcuevas

            You sir are a fucking hater please tell us what you ride so we all know what bike to buy

        • Jordan Katterheinrich

          If you have hate in your heart, let it out.

        • Felix

          Riding your bike for “legitimate reasons”, eh?
          Like, fun and stuff?

          • Alic Gammon

            Exactly like fun, just not hype and street cred.

          • Felix

            I think the fun comes with riding. It really doesn’t matter how or why you get there.
            I’d rather see people hyping around on bikes intead of sitting in cars.

      • Marco madera

        I just got out of the hospital bacuse the FORK STEM ON MY AVENTÓN SNAPPED, you call that “hating”? You better Google some shit boy.:..:. Demographics my ass, people will not be riding bikes if the injury rate on those damned Aventón bikes keep rising

  • Patrick Murphy

    That’s one sexy Alu frame. Headtube is next-level. And I, for one, love videos where I have no idea what’s going on.

  • Dylan Nord

    I thought it was really cool. Nice to see someone doing something different. There were some serious shots there.

  • kermitonwheels

    Pretty cool video actually