Above Category: Patriotic Argonaut Apr 6, 2015


I had the pleasure of seeing this bike in person at the Rouge Roubaix, but didn’t get a chance to shoot any photos of it myself. Luckily, it was recently featured as Above Category’s Bike of the Week, so head over and check it out.

  • James Norman Woodley

    red white and blue cable bumpers… the little things

  • tertius_decimus

    Patriotic colors? Netherlands? Serbia? Slovakia? Slovenia? Russia?

    • it’s a made in the USA frame and yeah, a lot of countries fly red, white and blue. No big deal. I’m just making a clever observation.

      • tertius_decimus

        In my view, this implementaion by Italian Ferriveloci is more USA-patriotic than Argonaut’s: http://www.fixedforum.it/forum/topic/67464-ferriveloci-n28/

        Sure, I love the bike, however I see just white frame with red logo and blue fork and chainstays. Nothing “patriotic” at all.

        • How many Argonauts have you seen painted?

          • tertius_decimus

            It doesn’t make a difference.

          • Cool. What is your goal here? I see a RWB Argonaut and I call it patriotic. You see an argument. What’s the end result of this?

          • tertius_decimus

            I’m just sharing my view. Is that prohibited? Honesty doesn’t count? If so, close the comment section, become stand-alone. I came here with no disrespect, why this little comment offends you sou much? Take a cup of tea and chill. Cheers! Have a nice day.

          • I’m totally chill. You’re engaging in an argument that’s kind of unnecessary. If it’s not a big deal, then why even bother pointing it out? I’m open to discourse, but this all just seemed like you wanted to share a stance unrelated.

    • geoff.tewierik

      It’s Australian of course.