A Pitstop at American Cyclery

While en route to Eroica California, we took a pit stop by American Cyclery in San Francisco for some last minute vintage componentry. You know, essentials like 14-28 freewheels, toe straps, toe clips, bar tape and bottles. There were a lot of bikes that needed to be built up for Eroica, each requiring necessary minutiae.

American Cyclery has two shops across the street from each other. One is a bit larger and has mostly new, modern bikes for sale, while the rafters are filled with vintage mountain bikes ranging from Cunningham to Steve Potts. The other is almost entirely vintage road and track bikes, with various bits of cycling memorabilia strung about.

The real honey hole in AC is the basement where the owner Brad keeps all of his various cycling publications. Ranging from the original Fat Tire Flyer zines to his old newsletter, the Bicycle Trader.

We only had a few minutes at American Cyclery, but I liked what I saw and can’t wait to return with a bit more time to shoot some of Brad’s amazing bicycles. Check out a few quick photos in the Gallery.

  • Kyle Kelley

    HOLY SHIT! So stoked you stopped! That camo RItchey and the hat with all the flair! You just made my day!

    • Joe

      Agreed, that camo Ritchey is beyond awesome.

  • Márton Sógor

    Damn, those Pauls look finger-lickin’ good!

  • Tony Clifton

    American Cyclery is pretty amazing – it’s the closest thing we have to Velocult in SF.

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    That Cove Bike Shop (Trailmaster) hat is pretty dope!

  • When I visited American Cyclery (road shop, not the mountain bike shop) I felt really unwelcome. I asked for a price on a certain part and they immediately shot back with: “Are you just gonna buy it online?” I don’t recall giving off any impression that I was going to be a difficult customer. Another time I came back and asked some noobie questions about stems, and the gentleman that time was very short with me. I had just gotten into cycling and suddenly felt like I was excluded from the “club.” I also inquired about repairs on a third visit… and found Avenue Cyclery across the street from here much more affordable.

    The ambiance of American Cyclery (road shop) is very cool and if you’re a part of the club, then that’s great. The mountain bike shop has always been fine… when I needed a couple tire levers the experience was quite refreshing. But I have to say those three experiences have ruined it for me. I have no clue why I was treated that way.

    • Chris Valente

      I’ve had mixed experiences there. I bought a bike there a while back and have bought a ton of random things from there as well and I have definitely gotten he classic bike shop ‘tude on some occasions. Other times they have been really cool. I think as with most things it can be kind of a crap shoot. Bummer since it’s a cool shop and in a place like SF, there’s always another bike shop.

      It’s also just depends on the person and the time – I’ve been to Avenue as well a couple times and never got a good vibe form them so just goes to show…

    • Moosemonkey

      Yeah, I went out of my way to stop at American Cyclery while on a road trip up the coast SPECIFICALLY because I was so enamored with my Soma, and I know of their connection. I stopped in expressly to spend money. And got the super rude treatment too. Though only from the road side as well (god, that shop is covered in so much droolworthy stuff!) We literally walked across the street to the MTBish side, talked to a friendly fellow for a few. He then walked back across the street with us and let my missus check out her dream bike (the San Marcos)

      We both still like our Somas, and we like all the awesome things AC has. but we were also not impressed with how we were treated.

      On a side note, Soma has stopped replying to emails and facebook questions for the most parts. It’s getting annoying.

    • Ultra_Orange

      Yeah so weird, it’s like hey guys this is SF Starbucks on every corner and a bike shop don’t be a turd. I’m a hobo cyclist, if I can find nice stuff that I can afford I buy it but I’ve dealt with some real ass hats so I walk out. Kinda have the urge to poop on their door.

    • There was a shop like this in my town; bad attitude, rude treatment.. untill the day a customer punched the owner and threw him over half a dozen new pinarellos.

  • Ornotbike

    This looks like an awesome event! Will put it on our calendar. Also, the link to the website is broken, missing the “:” in the url.