Without Walls and the Radavist’s Guide to Austin Mar 4, 2015



Photos by Emiliano Granado

A few months ago, my friend Emiliano (of Manual for Speed internet fame) contacted me about doing a quick Guide to Austin for Without Walls. We went to my favorite spots, drank coffee, rode bikes and I had a little interview at my favorite cocktail spot in town. Head on over to the Without Walls blog to read up!

  • IR

    Awesome timing, my wife is in Austin now and I told her she HAS to check out Flattrack and Mellow Johnnys (And bring me something back haha)

  • steelguitars

    I’ll be in Austin in a couple of weeks, where can I find some good trails for a cross bike?

    • Walnut Creek and Mckinney Falls. Look on my Strava / John Watson.

  • Will Ashe

    Nice, I’ll be in Austin in April.

  • Søren Nejmann

    What jacket is that Mr Watson?

  • PNT

    still one of my favorite bikes!

  • Trenton South

    Hey John, what front rack is that?

    • Geekhouse

      • that #wakki #ultramod

        this bike is still the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen you photoshopped on.

  • Joseph

    Hey John, how did you attach that rear light near the cassette? Nice mounting solution!

    • Ha! I’ve had photos in a folder waiting to be turned into a post… will do it next week after NAHBS.

      • Joseph

        Awesome! Looking forward to it. Hope it’s something us mere mortals can get too and not a ‘prototype’ for industry peeps. ;)

      • Joseph

        Hey John, just picking up on this thread again. I know u are a very busy dude, but if you have time it would be great if u could shed some light on the rear light attachment! Thanks!

    • That light looks like a PDW Danger Zone. Those lights come with two mounting clamps. One for a stay, and one for a seat post.

      • Not what I used… don’t worry! I’ll post about it once NAHBS is over.

  • quesofrito

    what pomade is that?

  • Andrew Wade

    Curious what jeans you’re wearing with the tight cuffs.

    • Nicholas Schaub


  • KT

    I’m heading to Austin in a few weeks with my girlfriend and wanted to try and get a bike ride in while there. She wants to check out some hot springs. Any chances there’s a trail that we can do both on? I plan to rent bikes at Mellow Johnny’s.

    • There are no hot springs here. But plenty of swimming holes. MJ’s rents bikes and you can use one of the maps to head to Barton Springs!

      • KT

        Awesome thanks. After telling my g/f that there are swimming holes and no hot springs she said “yeah, the swimming holes is what I meant” lol. Thanks for the advice!