Tomii Cycles: Annie’s Road Build Mar 2, 2015




Photos by Chris Raia

It’s framebuilder’s week here at the Radavist. Each year, I immerse myself into the world of custom bicycles for the week leading up to NAHBS in an attempt to psyche myself up for the workload that awaits at NAHBS. Covering the world of custom bicycles and framebuilders stems from a love for the industry. An obsession for details, an eye for proportion and the story each bicycle tells without uttering a word.

While NAHBS is all about the exhibition, it’s most importantly a venue for the public to connect to the private world of the framebuilder. These artists spend their time behind lathes, torches and files for most of their days. NAHBS gives them a moment to share their hard work with you, their potential clients.

For builders like Nao Tomii at Tomii Cycles, his work is displayed to the public via his Flickr and other social media outlets. While Nao won’t be at NAHBS this year, it doesn’t mean his work is any less worthy of a spotlight. Case in point is his latest build: Annie’s road. Built with modern Campagnolo, made in the USA White Industries crank, made in the USA Camillo brakes and a mesmerizing paint job by Jordan Low, this piece of art is sure to bring Annie many miles of joy.

Custom frames like this are examples of an artist’s work, but most importantly, they’re vessels that bring clients miles of joy. Well, that and pretty photos for us to ogle. See more at the Tomii Flickr.

Personally, I can’t wait for NAHBS. It’s my favorite event of the year.

  • Jordan Katterheinrich

    Dang. What range is that up front?

    • Stefan Vapaa

      While the bike is still waiting for the ice to melt around here and Annie doesn’t have any test miles on it yet… It works fine in the stand. Also White Industries suggests it will shift fine, as does John’s own experience with the VBC crank on his Geekhouse Woodville. We’re eagerly awaiting some nice riding weather for real road experience.

      • Yeah, mine throws from a 50 to a 30… :-)

        • Jordan Katterheinrich

          that rules! Any other FDs you could recommend that handle a range Ike that? And which BB did you fellas pair with the cranks? Love the simplicity & ability to swap rings out.

          • I used a Phil Wood BB and converted a Force FD to a top pull.

          • Stefan Vapaa

            As you can see, on Annie’s Tomii I went with a Campagnolo 10 speed derailleur for a compact (or triple) setup in order to get the deeper and wider cage. That derailleur is rather challenging to find though. I searched a long time. Any FD designed for a triple should do the job nicely.
            We installed the White Industries bottom bracket.

          • Jordan Katterheinrich

            Good stuff! Thanks for all the info guys.

  • Johnny Burrell

    That bike is gorgeous.

  • johnsoniscool

    what bottle cages are those?

    • Portland Design Works Bird Cage:

      • johnsoniscool

        thanks for the link

    • Stefan Vapaa

      Yeah, those cages are my go-to cages for most of my builds now. I love their whimsical flair and they do the job as designed. I have ridden two D2R2s with them and never dropped a bidon.